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Windows 7 IPv6 connection problem

I just recently installed windows 7 on desktop computer it worked fine everything was installed successfully then I tried to connect it to my home network and all hell broke loose lol all my devices were disconnect from the Internet I had to reset my router to factory just to get my iPad and iPhone to connect to the network. So all my devices are connected to the Internet except my desktop computer and I found somthing interesting it said IPv4 was connected but IPv6 was disconnected and I can't go on the Internet on that computer or do anything so can anyone help me before I loose my mind
you are not unique. millions others are like you that microsoft has decided to classified people like you as problem and created KB entry specifically to solve you as a problem.

read this to be part of the solution:

hint: brand and model would be helpful.
Brand and model what computer
Don't worry about it I called Microsoft and they got me straight thanks for your help though
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