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Target search at Christine Lagarde Residence

Target search at Christine Lagarde Residence

Yesterday a watched at tv at the prime time news that in France the residence of Christine Lagarde as suffered a targeted search, it seems it as to be with the business of the brand Adidas that we all know at the 90s.
From what understood at the 90s Bernard Tapie was the owner of the brand adidas and he had a problem with a bank called Crédit Lyonnais because of his brand Adidas or better said of the business of his brand it seems that in 2007 Christine Lagarde help him to solve the problem and he gets an compensation of 403 million of Euros, French state money.
My question is could this be a new Dominique Strauss-Kahn case?

Whatched at sic noticias tv 1 day ago
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