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Was Dhawan's inning better than Dravid & Ganguly's on de

Shikhar Dhawan the prodigy finaaly happened to Indian cricket, the batsman shwed a masterful collection of strokes on debut and got himself recorded in the history books for a masterful innings. This innings was through much better than any india on debut but was it better than that of Dravid's and Ganguly's during their debut in England. With a relatively inexperienced Australian side touring the country it was definitely easier to make a debut now than then.That too against bowlers like Alan Mullaly, Andrew Caddick and Darren Gough who could viciously swing the ball. How about a real test in newZealand or SouthAfrica ?? Smile
I agree that Shikhar's innings was a brilliant example of the young talent that awaits entry into the senior squad. Now, it's up to him to prove that it wasn't all just the enthusiasm of coming in the team, and that he is actually a promising cricketer. There have been players who have been excellent on their debut games, but have disappointed later on. A case was Robin Uthappa, who scored a brilliant 86 on his debut ODI, but couldn't carry the flame forward for long. Let's see if Dhawan can take it through. Smile
Shikhar Dhawan is a great batsman no doubt....I have been watching him since his days in IPL in mumbai indians...and i always wondered why he was not being selected in the national team for tests or one dayers...
Finally he has shown his potential when given a chance...... and what an innings it was...
Even the Australians said that he resembled the batting style of Don Bradman..that must be the highest compliment a cricketer can receive..
The match was won by india only because of this single performance...although i was keen to watch him play the second innings, i was left disapointed when i read that he was injured in that amazing innings.. But its better to be safe than sorry...we have to keep him fit for the next match and other tournaments..
A precautionary x-ray was performed on Dhawan that revealed no fracture but sources claimed doctors had advised the swashbuckling opener to not bat in the second innings.
On a personal note i think he should tone down on his style and looks a little less and concentrate on his batting more.. Very Happy
That is true Uthappa, Kaif and even to some extent Yousuf Pathan are examples of super indian talent who faded away after showing spark during their initial days. I have a firm believe that the real test of Dhawan will be against the big names like England and Australia in seaming conditions Wat say ??
Shikhar Dhawan from the prodigy to the enigma and finally the champ... The single most important reasn for India's recent Champion's trophy victory is basically an one dimensional guy belonginh to a very middle middle class family, somebody who has embodied the teachings of his parents and elderly in whatever he does. Somebody who takes a lot of respect in whatever he does and loves to give his best in return. It was only 6 months back that we were thinking that Sehwag and Gambhir were the best opening pair possible for India and here comes this nobody form nowhere and sweeps the entire cricketing arena by the floor. Now do we even remember that we used to open with Sehwag and Gambhir only a few days back. Dhawan is the clearly teh most happening entity in the India cricket field right now. The guy has proved his worth both in India and outside as well... Dhawan is headed towards super stardom and it seems that India's transition phase is coming to an India, we are learning not only to win but to keep winning. The secret I feel is the new attitude.

During Dravid's initial days Dravid was unable to get his first century even though he was getting a lot of 70's and 80's the then captain Md. Azharuddin had asked him to pull up his collar whenever he goes out to bat that day had embarked an attitude shift in the Indian camp which later caught up with guys like Ganguly, Zaheer Yuvraj and others. Now is another such time when this Delhi lad comes to the cricket pitch, twines his moustache and hits international level bowlers as if he is playing gully cricket. Attitude change isnt it .....
Well certainly there's not doubt that Dhawan innings was brillant.But it will be to early to predict or to say that he is the brilliant player.Real test of him will be in New Zealand and Australia where the pitches offer fast bowler a lot.
Indian bowlers are not clicking at all in this series with Australia. I hope this situation changes, as the batsmen can't just go out everytime and deliver, hoping for the bowlers to do something that they don't. I hope things get better with time.

Virat Kohli has been an outstanding performer. His determination and skills make him an indispensable asset for the national team. Dhoni recently completed his 5000 one day international runs, which is a landmark not many have achieved. I wish he continues playing like this and stays on at the helm of the Indian team as long as he can. He is statistically the best captain of India so far, and I hope that continues. Very Happy
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