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Why did my computer freeze?

Last night my computer froze. The sound that was playing repeated itself (a very short sequence) and the caps lock and scroll lock lights started to blink.

When I restarted the computer my monitor didn't show anything. The computer sounded like it use to do when it boots up but I don't know if it was working because I couldn't see anything. Now I'm a bit unsure about the monitor. Did I turn it off? I don't think so. Maybe it turned off itself somehow. I don't think the power indicator on the monitor was green. That could explain why it didn't show anything. I should have checked this more carefully but unfortunately I didn't.

When I disconnected the power cables and later reconnected them it was impossible to turn on the computer. Nothing at all happened.

Today when I turned on my computer it boots up and everything is back to normal. I'm not sure what the problem is/was. My first thought when it freezed was that it was the CPU or motherboard that was broken. Now that it is working again I'm more suspecting the power supply (less than 2 years old). The problem that it refused to turn on reminds me of my old power supply unit.

Only thing I have changed recently is that I have enabled AMD's Cool'n'Quiet feature. Not sure if that could have cause any problems. Now I disabled it again just to be safe.

Here are some info from the BIOS.
BIOS wrote:
CPU Temperature [30C/86F] (This temperature was still rising and was 33C when I had finshed writing down this information)
MB Temperature [27C/80.5F]

CPU Fan Speed [3426RPM]
Chassis Fan Speed [N/A]

Q-Fan Control [Disabled]

VCORE Voltage [1.552V]
3.3V Voltage [3.360V]
5V Voltage [4.972V]
12V Voltage [11.712V]
I'm pretty familiar with that sound, it was more like a CD skipping for who knows how long. My old desktop used to do that and I could only assuming it was a ventilation problem since it was in the middle of the summer and my case was actually getting pretty hot. If I tried turning my computer back on immediately after it shut itself off it would run for a few minutes before doing the sound thing again. If I left it for a few hours it would run a bit longer.

As for turning your computer on and sounding like it was booting by nothing was showing on the monitor... that's like what my dad's computer did. I'm still not sure what it was doing or what was wrong with it because nothing would show on the monitor. The monitor acted like it was in sleep mode because it wasn't getting a signal. I did a CMOS reset and I finally got some display but then it died again. A second CMOS reset got me as far as the load screen before the desktop is displayed but that was it. I think when I left it the screen saver tried to come on but a message was displayed on the screen and it said something about the video driver/card needing to be replaced of installed... The computer video was integrated into the motherboard so I'm kind of wondering if something data on the hard drive became corrupt.

Maybe give your computer a good dusting to clear out hair and dust that might be collecting on the CPU heat sink and fans. What was the Cool'n'Quiet suppose to do?
Cool'n'Quiet automatically reduces the clock speed of the processor when full speed isn't necessary. That's supposed to reduce the power consumption and also reduce the heat.

I didn't find more dust than usual and the room temperature wasn't very high so I don't think it was a heating problem. I have had no problems since so I guess I'll never know.
Do you think it could be that your fan needs replacing? I had a situation like that in 2007. Here is an article on some of the symptoms when a fan is breaking down. It includes the freezing and locking you mentioned. I'd take the computer to a hardware specialist however to have it checked out. Which is what I had done back then.
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