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Seeking Designer - Tf2 Community sponsorship Project

** Main Idea of post is to find a designer that is willing to help me with this and i will guarantee jobs with money **

So a little about me most know me i believe. Well I am a avid freelancer! I am apart of getafreelancer and a few more! Very reputable! Love to do projects that take 1 day to 2wks to complete with NON STOP WORK - OR even longer!!

I am looking for a template / gfx Designer! Willingness and Dedication is a must! I have a project i am going to be starting soon which will launch a great site, this will be our link for publicity for our company that i have already established. We will gain business of course, which is more business for us all. After the first Project is finished, You can give me a quote on what yd like per job or based on the job criteria.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Do you have a Team or an Organization that has been on the stomping grounds for a complete season? Do you want to communicate with the public letting them know all about your matches, scrims, lan events, or even amazing killing sprees and more?

I am currently sponsoring a group with a complete database driven website, It will contain many user friendly sections. From a hype box. To a Section to upload demos and screenshots and even a live find scrim applet. I will also have a section for live streams, and will be creating a frag video / compilation of the prior games/matches and future ones.

You ask why are you sponsoring ? Well I have been bored as of lately, and with no projects to start working on, I thought of the idea of helping out the community a little.

The only requirements I need the group to have is. Be organized, Dedicated, Have completed a season of league play prior to posting a application. The group must have a voice client of their own, and a game server. Why is this important you ask? I am going to implement both services into the site for stats and public chat. I will need ftp to the services hence the group must have their " own " I do have my own web-hosting service, But willing to use yours if needed. I will not be paying for the .com/.net But would like for the team to pitch together 2-3$ a person and get one for the team. They are ruffly around 10$ a year.

Good luck to you guys! I am looking forward in assisting a group/team very soon!


A little about my self. I have been coding web-pages for 7-8 Years now off and on. I am a avid freelancer and have a huge variety of knowledge in many different scripting languages. My weakness is probably graphics. I am currently looking for a designer, that is willing to group up with me and take on a few projects that I have coming my way this year. It will bring in money for this person but at first, Dedication and the willingness to expand your knowledge is something I will need to see. if you are interested please feel free to contact me!


If interested please post your team name, link to your league page, and any other information that would get me excited about your group! Please post here or talk to me via one of my contact methods listed below!

mirc: tehmass - #tf2mix -

In the quotes above is the site I will be sponsoring these guys in this gaming community I am looking for a designer and this project will be the interview. And Compensation is Guaranteed.[/b]
Interested? The team im looking at the moment is a Mult game organization with Casting and Radio evolved, it would be great for publicty for both of us and it pays really well!!!
need more information on the scope of the project. I'm a freelancer and would like to touch base with you.

my website:
I am willing to participate on your project.

What kind of template are you looking? What kind of platform do you need? Please give more details on what you need.

Any similar websites you can refer?
How much do we earn?
What are the phase of the project?
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