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Do you drink goat milk?

Do you drink goat milk?

Why do you drink goat milk?

Do you like drinking goat milk?
I don't know why, but I couldn't help myself laughing when I read this.
To answer your question, I have had goat milk only once. I did not like it very much. Cow milk rocks!
why are you laughing? i don't see anything funny, or is the subject of goat's milk itself is funny?

anyway, i heard goat's milk is better (from someone who is selling goat's milk of course). it has more calcium, vitamins and other craps. not sure if it's true. ya, the processed cow's milk taste better than raw goat's milk.
I have never drunk goat's milk before, don't know how taste it is but I have heard that there are many health benefits of goat's milk such as it easy to digest, less lactose, virtually allergen free, and delicious.

I laughed too, it's because I read it like this: (voice of Yogi Bear)

Do you drink gOAT mILK?
Why do you drink gOAT mILK?
Do you like drinking gOAT mILK?
I am not drinking goat milk it must have some good effect on health.
i heard in my child hood that our parent they gave goat milk to babies that have colic ,stomach problem
and the babies that can not digest cow milk.Goat milk digest easily.Goat's milk is the most highly consumed milk in many other parts of the world and it is delicious as well as extremely nutritious.
Goat milk has less allergies.
I dont drink as i didnt get chance to drink goat milk.
I drink cow milk everyday.
I drank it a few times and I have always preferred it to ordinary cow milk, since it's more salty (and tasty). It is a pity that it is difficult to find in supermarkets (and it is also more expensive when available).
Some research suggests that one of the main benefits of goat milk is that it may benefit inflammation. Another reason why it is easier for people with bowel inflammation to drink goats milk, instead of cows milk. Goats requires far less space and food than cows. Typically, you can comfortably raise six goats on the same acreage as two cows. Another main health benefit of goat milk, is that it is closer to human mothers milk than cows milk is. Because it has a chemical make up that is much closer to human milk, it is easier to digest and assimilate in the human body.
NOOOOO.... i dont like it.
I have never drink any goat milk before. But i think i want to try it someday. Some goat milk have good nutrition for our health.
lovescience wrote:
Do you drink goat milk?

Why do you drink goat milk?

Do you like drinking goat milk?

one i take some trip to china there is some one selling goat milk, they bring their goat with them and show us how to produce some milk.
its kind of unique for me since is just like fast drink. once you order they make it right away and pack it in some cup with sealer.

i take that goat milk just for curious about how it taste. just like common cow milk but it smell not really good Laughing
I do not like the taste of goat milk.But goat milk has less fat and high in fatty acid and calcium rich.
We prefer thte cheese out of that milk. Better for liver.
nope never.
and it is difficult to get
Its easy.

Do u live in the country
ask a farmer.

And do u live in a town
then ask for a good food shop.

Food gives u good mood.
Goat milk is very beneficial if you are suffering from dengue...hahhaha
Da Rossa
I can't recall if I ever drank goat milk.
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