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Is swimming a good complement to running?

I run several times a week but was thinking that maybe it's good to do some swimming too, as a complement. I was hoping that it could improve my running, or at least give some overall strength. What do you think?

Only swimming style I feel comfortable with is what I call "grodsim" (frog swim) but I think it's the same as breaststroke. Is there any advantage with one style or another from an exercise point of view?

I think front crawl is faster and internationally more common. When I try to do front crawl it feels so inefficient. I put my arms in front of me, one at a time, and move my legs up and down but I'm not sure if it's faster than my breaststroke and I get tired more quickly, especially my arms. Well, I guess it's just a matter of practice. Is front crawl really suitable for swimming long distances?
Aerobically swimming is supposed to be as good as anything, and far more forgiving on your joints than running.
I'd say it's a very good idea to swim....cycling's very good, too.
I would say that swimming is better than running because it will be useful for all of your body and helps you more to keep fit in comparison to running.
Both are good sources of cardio.
However swimming will definitely exercise more muscles since it involves the arms as well.
Swimming is definitely one of the best solo sports out there. As wellerchap stated, swimming is a low impact sport so it considerably reduces the harm done to your joints. Swimming is a total body workout pretty much, swimming for 60 minutes 3-4 times a week will surely bring results to almost all parts of the body.
I've been told by my doctors that swimming is the best overall and aerobic workout you can get. There is literally no other way to work out as much of your body all at once as you can while in the water. And besides that, you can't dive for abalone while you're running Cool
All of you seem to agree that swimming is good. Now I just have to wait until the ice go away and the water gets warm enough.

onebadpenny wrote:
And besides that, you can't dive for abalone while you're running Cool
I don't think there are any abalones where I will be swimming. I'm also terrible under water and easily get water in my nose.
Brilliant topic Smile.

Swimming is the single greatest exercise you can do to loose weight, build muscle and build stamina. You won't get significant muscle gains, but you will definitely get lean.

So I would go with swimming if you can and skip running all together as you may not have time if you do say 100 laps of different swimming strokes, unless you need running for your career or sporting preference. As you stated ice, i would then say swim through the spring and summer and run through autumn and winter and you will stay on top form throughout your year. Or you could go to an indoor heated swimming pool, it is up to you.

With regards to people going on about joints, no exercise is bad for your joints if you look after your body and if you do the exercise right. Just by getting the right nutrients and vitamins, you will build your joints to be very sturdy and not have to worry. Water is key as water is 70% of your body or more and that is what surrounds your joints Smile. When running I would recommend using knee guards, they help a hell of a lot if you have a hard step on your feet.

Other than that I would say stick to swimming as you will get a better general workout unless you need running for your career or if it is your sport.
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