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A time for tears ..

I'm not a great one for crying - a bit old to be a properly 'new' Man, and British enough to be a bit reserved about such things, but tears are flowing now and I think that is right and proper.

It is time to say goodbye to my old dog and old friend Max. He is about 17 now, and he's been in fairly steep decline for a while. He can't really get to his feet anymore without help and as he approaches the end he is more and more confused, not fully aware of his surroundings and as a result he is increasingly looking scared/twitchy. I feel sure that the time has come to give an old friend one last kindness by easing his end, so in an hour we will drive the mile or so to our vet and say the final goodbye.

There is just time to give him a final brushing, and give his claws a trim ..........
Darn Chris! This is BAD. Got to be one of the worst things in life. Saying goodbye to a pet. Sad news indeed.
I'm so sorry to hear that. Won't deny that my eyes are filled with tears. It's hard to see a friend go, but you did what's right for him. Crying or Very sad
Sorry to hear you're losing some family today; you've got my condolences, man. Seventeen is a respectable life for a dog, and I'm sure it's been a good, loving one too.
Max died with his head on my lap, quickly and gently, with no hint of stress, let alone distress. We are indebted to our fabulous vet for making it a memory that is, and will remain a good one.
A sad time indeed for you. Do feel your loss, been there. We will all be thinking of you as you say your goodbyes.
Pets are like family once you get used to them, Sorry for your lost Bikerman. Hope you recover from it with the best of energies.
I am sorry for your loss. It must be a hard time indeed. Especially after 17 years of being together. I'm sure you both loved each other, and his memory will always remain with you.
Sad with you about your loss Bikerman. But keep stay strong!

Thanks for the kind thoughts, I appreciate it, as does my wife Caz.

Max was a rescue dog - a Welsh Collie cross. We took him mainly out of compassion - he had been in kennels for a long time, was already about 5yrs old (we don't actually know his age and 17 is a conservative estimate, based on him being 13 yrs with us and 4-5 when we got him - he was possibly older than we think). He had clearly been badly abused by some males (he was fine with women, but would not have a man near him).

As you might imagine. he was quite a challenge. After about 2 months he would let me sit on a sofa near him without constant growling. Another month or so and he would let me stroke him...and so it continued. At the same time Caz took him 2 or 3 times a week for basic training and then agility lessons. It took months and months - probably a year or more - before he was completely comfortable to have me around him. Over the next few years the transformation was amazing and gratifying - he became a cuddle-monster who was happiest on his back having his tummy tickled.

He became a regular in agility competitions and this led Caz to become active in the local agility club, where she is now club secretary, a national Judge, and a regular competitor in top level (L7) competition with our other dogs. Max became a regular agility competitor and had a fair-share of wins. He also won a place in the final of the national dog show for non-pedigree dogs - Scrufts.
He retired from national competition a few years ago but still attended a few competitions each year to 'have a sniff around' and enjoy the atmosphere.

So, that was Max.

We like to think that, after a pretty horrible first few years, he had an enjoyably active and fulfilling life. He became a much loved member of our little family, and he will be missed, but remembered with affection.
So sorry to hear about your loss. You gave him a loving and caring home for many years after who knows what of his early years.
I always think it a shame that [some] people don't get 10-20 years of life, and animals get 70.....I'm sure the world'd be a better place.
I feel your pain mate, and I'm not even a pet owner.
I'm sure your dog couldn't have had a better time of it anywhere else, other than with you and your family.
Bikerman wrote:

he had an enjoyably active and fulfilling life.

Yes, i'm sure you gave him a good life.

I am almost crying thinking at my dog, and he has only two years... can't imagine how it will be to say goodbye after 13 years.
Ah Chris, just seen this, my thoughts are going your way and I totally understand the tears.
My friends border collie died last week after a long and happy life chasing rabbits and waves down the beach here (never catching either of them though), she was 15 and I knew her from a pup. I shed a tear and she wasn't even my dog.

It's such a tragic situation for us humans that we nearly always have to say goodbye to our furry friends. They are the ones that never judge us, always listen to our bullshit without being bored or critical, and show unconditional love when people mostly don't.

Hope the pain passes soon for you, it's times like this I always say a 'fast forward' button in life would be useful, or would it? Perhaps that pain helps us realise totally how beautiful our lives are when we have those little friends involved in it.
Kind thoughts your way mate, just raised a glass for Max.

When my cat dies I cried at work! Think of the big office landscape and the big Viking in tears over his pet. A bit funny some years afterward.

Well, atleast I sometimes get visited by the ghost of that cat and that comforts me alot actually.
I'm sorry that I did not see or post on this thread until today.

I am so sorry for your loss, and I know how hard it is to put down your best friend. In 2009 on Friday Dec. 11th my father passed away, 3 days later I had to put my dog and best friend for 13 years down Dec. 14th.

I shed a tear for my father, and as sad as his passing was he had suffered for so long it was a relief to know he was no longer in pain.

Tuesday after I put my best buddy ever down I cried so hard it made me sick, the vet came to the house and put him down while I held him in my arms. He did struggle a little but he was a fighter, and fought till the end and his last breath. Getting the experience of your dog passing on while his head was in your lap is a great gift even though it is so painful to lose something you love so much.

I keep telling myself that it was the best thing for him, and that letting him continue to suffer would not have been fair to him. But no matter how I talk to myself about it, and how many times I tell myself that it was best for him, I still struggle with having to put hims down, and even to this day thinking about him brings tears to my eyes.

You will always remember him, and he will be in your thoughts for the rest of your life, I know my little buddy Jasper is!!!
I am sorry to hear... many condolenses
Have you ever stared in the eyes of your pet and wondered if it got a soul?

I have done that all my life and I still keep seeing a soul in pets...

so, a swedish country singer had a hit with the song "Can I take my dog into heaven?" - this , for once, became a religious question in Sweden. Once more the people thought the christian idea that you cannot take a pet into heaven was ludicrus. We are not into religion anyhow so it kind of stopped there - In Sweden everyone has their own God, and the swedish national church live their life but handles the afterlife very well - therefore it lives on. I suppose if the church wouldn't have the cemetaries the state church would have collapsed totally.

I am sure that pets become ghosts if they wants to...
poor pets...
Sorry to hear about your loss Sad
He was a nice looking dog too, great eyes in that picture. 17 years is a good long life made better by having owners who really cared for him. It's always a tough decision at the end because it never feels like there is a right time but you made it and you were able to send him off peacefully. I remember our old cat Ferb went down in classic Ferb style, growling at the vet the whole time. While it hurt to seem him go I can look back at that and smile because it was a typical Ferb thing to do. I think he's up in pet heaven convinced he still won.
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