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Nanotech to increase DVD capacity to 850 GB

Iomega believes DVD media to remain competitive with upcoming optical storage technologies such as Blu-ray and HD-DVD: Nanotechnology could multiply the current maximum capacity to 8.5 GByte by a factor of 40 to 100, the company said.

The DVD appears to be far from its end of life according to Iomega's discovery. The firm was granted two patents that cover a specific use of nanotechnology in combination with optical data storage as well as a "method and apparatus for optical data storage." In the patent description, Iomega talks about a technique of encoding data on the surface of a DVD by using reflective nano-structures to encode data in a multi-level format.

This technology, named AO-DVD (Articulated Optical - Digital Versatile Disc), allows more data to be stored on a DVD and could allow future optical discs to potentially hold 40-100 times more information with data transfer rates 5-30 times faster than today's DVDs. Iomega believes that such media could be manufactured at costs similar to those of DVDs.

The firm said it is currently "working to investigate the commercial feasibility" of this format and other nano-structural data encoding formats such as a "NG-DVD" (Nano-Grating - DVD), which uses nano-gratings to encode multi-level information via reflectivity, polarization, phase, and reflective orientation multiplexing.
Thats awesome , hope we see this on the market soon.
I think by the time they do do this, Blu-ray will already have a good base in teh market. Also this new technology will probably cost a whole lot of money meaning blu-ray might just as well still win!!!
This is pretty cool. I Hope it doesnt cost that much. soon they will have bigger than terrabytes and hopefully for less price.
Really? If it becomes true, I can use one DVD to bakup all my data and movies. It's so cool. I only wish the price is not also 850 times higher. Very Happy
That's cool!Then we can have more convenient life. Cool
Pretty sad though when DVD technology can out do your hardrive. Biggest gardrive I ever seen was like 300 gigs. But you know they need to figure out a way to make a hardrive that doesnt have any moving parts. That what really makes computers slow. Without moving parts I see no reason why a pc couldnt turn on and off as fast as a calculator.
computers can already turn on and off quickly in sleep modes, however, there are some disadvantages... (energy use)

Even with an ultra fast data storage device (ie. solid state disks) the cpu still has to process the commands, which takes time, so at best a cold start might take a 3-4 seconds..

hard drives and removable storage have always been close in capacity... a long time ago we had a computer with a CD (700MB) and a 1GB hard drive.

I have a bad feeling its gonna be betamax vs vhs all over again... Rolling Eyes
#I'm already looking forward to seeing Bluray, I just don't see the need yet for 100GB DVD's, since the best viewing time of a DVD is around 2-3 hours, a 100GB would either be unnecessarily long for viewing or uses technology like virtual imaging like in Minority Report which would be far far more advanced.
Yeah. I like research like this. Give us a decent optical storage for once. So we can backup our HDD without filling the closet with DVD's and other shit.
And when the transfer speed is many times doubled, I like it Wink
Go Iomega! Very Happy
I'll continue waiting for the people at Bell Lab's to release their TERRABYTE disc variant thanks. IOmega makes alot of crappy devices.

WOW, that sounds totally unbelievable!
My goodness, it takes some taking to digg a story thats almost a year old.

Man u must have had something to digg this one.
Pretty cool, hadn't heard about this. I expect HD rates will increase at the same time as storage (as they always do) and it will still be about the same balanced ratio but still, really cool. Will these be availible on DVD-R/RW when they come out?
Wow its great man....did not knew that it could have that much space.....never expected it.....i am really shock.....hope it will come to market so....also hope that it can be long lasting...really looking forward to it.....i difficult to see what the technologies can do these days....there are really some breakthroughs going on.....all the best to those guys.....who makes it happen..... Cool
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