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Do you know when will oil ends?

Do you know when will oil ends?
What if oil ends? Wow the hell we gone live since everything in our world in one way or another comes from oil?
We can say food comes from oil and it’s true, not the actual food we eat but all the production of food is based in energies, energies that mostly come from oil.
More yet all our transportation its based in oil, and for food to reach our home needs an entire chain of transportation, so even if we maintain the food production we will not be able to transport it to where is needed.
What about defenses can a country sustain an invasion without fossil fuels? And all the communications we are used to have how the hell they will work without energy?
When the oild supply (as we know it today) ends, and it takes some aspects of our technology with it, we'll have a chance to live lives a little bit (ohh, only a tiny bit) similar to that of Middle Earth Smile
There is no question about what if? Our oil supply will end soon enough. If we don't find a huge oil reserve soon enough than we will have current supply of oil for this century. Here is a nice video explaining the oil crisis. Its fascinating....
Will end in 64 years, looking at the top 17 countries with oil reserves . At least according to this Wikipedia article:
It is admitted that the world will never run out of oil completely, simply because it will eventually become too much expensive to access compared to other energy choices. In other words, by the time the world's oil is running low, humankind won’t want it anyway.
This article claims based on a variety of studies that somewhere in between 2021 and 2112 world will achieve peak production and start to sharply reduce. Because of technological improvements it is has become very difficult, if not impossible to decide when the oil supply will finish.
Although many current estimates for how many "barrels" of oil are left exist those estimates are quite loose and almost impossible to prove. The following website claims that there are around 1.2 trillion barrels of oil left for people to use. In other words nearly 40 years, oil age will end.
But the new discoveries of oil depend on the level of technology in the future that is unknown for anybody for the time being.
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