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Smart Grid

Here is a good and accurate piece about the major downside of clean energy i.e. the storage problem.

But there is another possible solution not mentioned in the article - a 'smart grid'. Really smart.

Distributed networked computers together with new sophisticated energy software and intelligent power switches could exploit the fact that cloudy skies and/or low wind speeds don't happen everywhere at the same time. For example, when it's overcast and quiet (i.e. no wind) in Boston, it might be sunny in New York City. That said, switch some of New York's excess solar power via a smart grid to Boston where it's needed. Alternately, when it's overcast in New York and windy in Boston, route some of Boston's excess wind power down to New York. A smart grid with intelligent power switches could do that. Just consider that in a national context and think of the JOBS everywhere such a smart grid would create. Maybe this is already being done on a small scale, but there is something governments should be seriously looking into.

Hey, if countries can put in national highway infrastructures, international internet systems, send men to the moon,robots to Mars and an international space station .... well we should be able to fund smart grids !!!!!! It's something that could be eased into over a couple decades.

Isn't this pretty much the way grids already operate?
Paces with cheap electricity (ie, more than they need) tend to sell power to places with expensive electricity (ie, less than they need).
Yes it is, but I don't think it is being considered as a possible solution to the energy storage of green power. It needs to be done on a larger scale, be more sensitive to weather pattern changes and be pro green energy i.e. more integration of wind, hydro and solar power into a smart grid. Actually, in a few places, I believe this is already happening for some wind power 'farms'.

Also, I believe a finer granularity of power switching capability is needed. I.e. switching metro areas in addition to large multi-state regions. I'd expect a smart grid would enable faster switching speeds, be more automated and be more fault tolerant as well
The problem is the ridiculous amounts of copper that would be needed... to create a grid that is that large is just not feasible.. yes grids might be large, but to handle the load of electricity New York requires over such large distances... Well it would be tremendous... then if you have countries like Australia... well, distance... is the main problem... we could need to create some sort of satellite based wireless power system that uses space radiation and solar energy that is beamed around the world...

but that is economically not going to happen
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