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Video downloading software

Hey there Frihosters

I have been searching for some add-on or program that would let me download videos from Youtube or other similar portals. Can you recommend me some? I had found some add-on for Firefox that worked well but when it downloaded 1080p videos, the audio was crashed after conversion.

Some time ago, before I had to format my system partiotion, I have had some such application from GIveaway of the Day but then formatted the Windows and it got lost.

I am interested in add-ons for Firefox or separate applications.

The YouTube Downloader allows you to download videos (not just YouTube) and quickly convert that matter.

The YouTube Downloader is a simple but ingenious program that allows you to easily download movies from various video portals.

Because the videos are there, usually offered in Flash format, the downloads are usually not compatible with mobile playback devices such as iPod or cell phone. Thanks to an integrated converter will transform the YouTube Downloader, the same video but in the right format.

Using copy-&-paste, copy the URL address of the page on which your desired video in the space provided in the YouTube downloader.

For the conversion output formats for iPod, iPhone, PSP and mobile phone via a drop-down menu. In addition, the videos can be the Windows Media format, save as XviD video or MP3 file.

Of supported video portals YouTube Downloader is not lacking, so you get your movies as YouTube, Google Video and MySpaceTV. In addition, you can still access many other portals.

The YouTube Downloader is easy to use and useful. In addition, the program bypasses the annoying age limit for which one would normally register. However, detract from the newly acquired limitations of the free version of the good impression.

With this free program "Free YouTube Downloader", you can download videos from YouTube with a single click and immediately convert it to another format: The movies can be saved as AVI, FLV or MP4.

"Free YouTube Downloaderr" can also handle videos in HD and HQ quality and supports parallel download multiple files simultaneously.

The freeware is distinguished from other downloaders, where you can download the "Free Download Manager" All videos a playlist or a YouTube channel with a single click. In addition, it is also possible YouTube videos that are embedded on another website to download.

In addition, can add new URLs when downloading and set the video quality, save download history and search downloaded videos by title. Moreover, the quality and the type of YouTube videos easier to see. The 3.x version offered here is to fix problems downloading videos.

Conclusion: With the "Free YouTube Downloader" to your favorite YouTube videos on the fly to land on your computer. If you want to download only the audio track, we recommend the Free YouTube to MP3 Converter. So great, the features are also attempts to foist us during setup changes to the browser bug, we can not stand.

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DownloadHelper addon for mozilla firefox is the best one i've ever seen, but anyway with Internet Download Manager installed you will never need any other software, it automatically detects streaming videos and audios and provides you an option to download them directly. so my recommendation for you is internet download manager.
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