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Tomb Raider

Best game out in 2013 or not?
i also agree with you
Utopia GFR
I'd rather go back to Tomb Raider Anniversary but the reviews are very positive regarding this version of Tomb Raider.
My daughter's a big Tomb Raider fan....Lara Croft is certainly one hell of a lady! Shocked
She only just got a PS3 and is now playing her way through the full series of TR games.
I'm waiting to get the new Tomb Raider game about Lara's origins. Looks like it could be a little intense so I might try and pick it up this weekend... maybe sooner. I watched another trailer for it and it showed more than what I saw at E3. It is a little confusing because Lara looks like she's scared out of her mind so I'm not sure how she really evolves into the confident and sexy tomb raider that she is. Ah well, maybe all will be revealed at the end of the game.
Tomb Raider is a great game but not game of the year Bio Shock infinite is going to get game of the year
Video game adventuress Lara Croft comes to life in a movie where she races against time and villains to recover powerful ancient artifacts.
didn`t they say they were never making anymore Tomb Raider games, think i bought the last one for the PS2.

must of missed the one where they changed their mind to make more!

Very good games
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