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create your own bootanimation on android

**These steps are for people that already rooted their phones and have superuser priviledges and rootexplorer application installed.**

The file that has the bootanimation on android is most of the time located in :


and it is formed of 3- 4 items inside.

folder : part0
folder : part1
folder : part2
.txt : desc.txt

the mechanism behind these files is simple.

the folders have inside of them PNG image sequences that creates the animation.
and the .TXT "desc.txt" is the script that puts it all together.

* You will notice that inside the :

system/media directory there is an audio folder as well.
This is where the sound associated to the bootanimation is stored
originally called :

boot_att.ogg if you are with at&t (we'll talk about it later)

OK. If you were Able to follow sofar you must have an idea of what is next.

the idea is to replace that file and that boot_att.ogg sound to
change the bootanimation to your own.

i highly recommand to backup these existing files just in case you want to put the
phone back to it's original state...

This is where it is getting fun!


sofar the best result would be obtained by creating a flash animation
of your own using adobe flash software. The screen size to select when
creating file should be the size of your phones screen(xxx by xxx pixels). final file will be then
published as .SWF

Once you have your SWF file you need to convert it to a PNG animation.

(what is a PNG animation?) well it is a sequence of PNG images that are put one after the other to create an animation just like the one on, lets say, part0 folder of

There is a cool software that makes that convertion. It
breaks your SWF animation to a frame by frame PNG sequence.

ADShareit SWF to Video Converter Pro (
....shhhhhh!!! yes i gave you a cracked one.

so when you add your SWF movie onto ADShareit you go to settings:

-Export type: Image sequence
- Sequence : Normal sequence (interact)

... the rest will pretty much adjust to the original swf file specs.

since the convertion of your swf to PNG animated is going to create a lot of PNG images
you want to create a folder on your desktop called "part0"

and on ADShareit settings you would select that folder as Export point.

Hit OK!
and let the convertion take place.

You should have now on your destop a folder name "part0" that has your SWF movie broken into several PNG

At that point you have created the main animation for your file

But since the animation should play just once and then wait for the phone to boot up, you dont want it to loop.
That is why you have to create another folder "part1" that will have inside the last image of your "part0" sequence.
and that one will loop till phone boot up.( being just one image it will feel as if movie stopped.)

so i repeat:

create another folder called "part1" on witch you copy/paste the last PNG on folder "part0" you just created.

so now you have two folders:
"Part0" main animation.
"part1" animation ending loop.

Thats it for the animation part!


is just a basic txt doc on witch you type what will become the "action script"
of your bootanimation.

here is what you type:

480 854 30
p 1 3 part0
s loading.mp3
p 0 0 part1

now let me explain what it stands for
-first line: is the size of your animation :
480 by 854 (motorola bravo screen resolution)***change that to your phone specifics***

then "30" stands for the speed of your animation .(30 frames per seconds/fps)

- second line part 1 of 3 (meaning first part to play) is "part0"
- third line is the sound that will play with the animation

* i said i'd talk about this later.
so here it is:

The sound format does not have to be in .ogg only it can be .mp3 or any other format your phone
recognize. the name of it also can be anything as long you use the same name for the sound file
you want to add.
(note that in front of sound line you have a "s" , and not a "p" it stands for "sound".

- fourth and last line is always the loop image file (that will be the last thing played and it will loop)
p 0 0 part1 (part1 is to be played as last.)

save .txt created as desc.txt

We have all the files now created . we need to zip:

- part0
- part1
- desc.txt

But it is not zipped just anyway...

you need to use 7Z compression software from there:

and zip by adding to archive and setting compression to :

-achive format : ZIP
- Compression level : store

or else it will not work if compressed any other way !!!

save compressed file as

here you go.

You have now:

- loading.mp3 (the sound your .txt file refers to)

copy both to your phone SD card. and push to :


and loading.mp3 to:


reboot phone and enjoy!
huh? i don't understand this post about.

This post is about :

a tutorial explaining how to create a cool bootanimation for your android phone. You know the screen that comes up when you turn on the phone, it is usualy a boring company logo , I.E. the AT&T globe with a wooooossshhhh!!! sound when you turn on a samsung galaxy s on AT&T network?

this intro screen can be changed. And that tells you how and what software you can use to do so...

Thank you .
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