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Is Kickstarter worth trying?

Kickstarter is an online platform - tool to promote and fundraise money for your projects. Have you ever used it? I would like to give it at try myself for some community projects, but I'm not sure how can it be possible since I'm not a US or UK citizen...
In Kickstarter there are lots of interesting projects.

Here are two which I have followed:
TOB Cable: One cable for everything
Wombat - a prototyping platform for Raspberry Pi
Some are very funny

Some are impressive for their success Surprised
Is Kickstarter worth trying? Let me ask two different question:
- is telling people with money that you have awesome idea that needs funding worth trying? YES
People will verify your idea. Either they will support you or not, depends on how good you are at promoting this idea.

- is telling people with money that you have some idea that may be good but you are not sure and you need money worth trying? PROBABLY NOT
If you don't really believe in your idea, you won't be able to make other people believe and put their money into it
that is a point, for sure - on one hand you need a good idea, and on the other hand you need to promote it as one awsome idea.

if you really believe in it or not, if you are shure or not - who cares if it meets the public at the right spot, which then gives you a good feedback?
lots of bullshit is promoted as 'how cool and awsome is that' and they get through with it, if the promotion is done well...

and if you don't get through with the project, then kickstarter at least gives you some sort of public presence, some sort of feedback etc.
i guess it doesn't serve the project well if you just place it on kickstarter. naturally you might also have to place and promote your idea on several other above all social plattforms in the internet with a link to the kickstarter-project, as to gain an as broad as possible audience... and that can be quite some hard work!
It's a double edged sword in my opinion.
1. Con- They take a large cut of your cash (might be better just asking friends and family)
2. Con- You might have owe a lot of favors or other benefits
3. Pro- Wide audience
4. Pro- Good advertisement
5. Pro- Get input about your project from the public

I have seen people fail at crowdsourcing funds by not getting enough, I have seen people fail by having a good idea and getting lots of money but not being able to succeed in their project.

But of course there are lots of success stories, like the one I just purchased for my cell phone, a micro-SD card reader for Android, and many other of course.

It really just depends on the projects, your team of visionaries and down to earthers, and the public. I say go for it so you can at least say you tried, but get lots of feedback before you start it to work out the kinks in private, so you don't publicly humiliate yourself!
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