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All the documents of the CERN (articles papers etc)

Document server of CERN. You can read articles papers even books of many different sceintific fields
What do they do at Cern? It has been a question of mine. - Lots of things.

Electrical characterization of defects in heavy-ion implanted n-type Ge. It is good to see that cern is looking at practical things. This paper demonstrates that something could come out of cern research to make better devices. Knowledge is extremely valuable in the real world and we wonder, how are they able to make devices like they do? This is how.

Quote: - Ion Implantation in Ge: Structural and electrical investigation of the induced lattice damage & Study of the lattice location of implanted impurities / Decoster, Stefan
The past two decades, germanium has drawn international attention as one of the most promising materials to replace silicon in semiconductor applications. [...]

Just one cern thesis of many randomly picked off the site. Nice site.
CERN is the European body that 'does' particle physics.
Most of the interesting physics at very small scales involves smashing atoms, or parts of atoms, together at extreme speed. If you want to know what a golf-ball is made of, one way to find out is to smash two of them together until one of them breaks apart.
The problem is that the speeds required (near c) and complicated detector equipment needed, makes this sort of physics VERY expensive, so, in order to compete with the US, Europe pools resources to pay for the kit.

CERN now mostly run their latest particle smasher - called the Large (because it is) Hadron (because it smashes bits of atoms, called Hadrons - protons, pions, and neutrons - stuff made up of really small pieces called Quarks) Collider (because that is what it does) - or the LHC for short. The LHC is the biggest (and in this type of physics, big IS better) particle collider in existence, though they are already designing the next one which will be much 'bigger'
As a layman I can accept the 'facts' predicted and confirmed of special and general relativity and quantum theory and I can understand that, to paraphrase Feynman said of quantum theories in general, if you think you understand it that is a sure sign you don't -and that the maths may very well imply multiple dimensions, m-branes, perhaps strings, multiple universes etc..... On the other hand, I find the idea of the existence of all possible universes absurd and unconvincing, but I don't know what to replace it with.
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