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Major Problem with COmputer. Help Please

I'm having a major problem with my Windows XP Pro SP2 Machine, if anyone could help me, i'd appreciate it.
The computer boots up fine, and then the Windows loading screen appears. It appears to be booting normally, until when the login screen would normally appear. I get a dialog box which says:

Security Accounts Manager initialisation failed because of the following error: The handle is invalid Error Status 0xc0000008. Please click OK to shutdown this system and reboot in safe mode. Check Errorlog for more details

When I click the OK button, the computer just reboots normally, and not into safe mode. When I do boot it into safe mode i get the same error and cant even get in to attempt fixing it.
I have also tried booting the computer with a Linux Live Boot CD (SLAX), but this doesn't work either, it just halts during the boot sequence, which may indicate a hardware problem, but i'm not sure.

This problem with WIndows has just started occuring recently, but the machine has been giving trouble for a while. In the past, (ie up until the time I started getting this problem), when I would login to windows and open My COmputer or Firefox, the computer would just cut out and reboot, and then when it did reboot, it would inform me that windows has recovered form a major system error (or something along those lines), and then it would usually be fine.

Is it a case where I might as well just format and re-install windows? I'd prefer to use that as a very last resort, because i'd like to save what i've got on the hard drives.
Is your computer running a RAID configuration?
Hi Sean. The error message you are getting seems like the one displayed because of the Lasser worm. I doubt if whether your PC could get infected with it because you already have the Service Pack 2 installed on your system. Do you see any reference to the file lsass.exe in the error message your getting?

Security Accounts Manager(which isusually referred to as SAM) problems can be caused due to many other reasons too.

You might try repairing your Windows installation by booting through your Windows XP bootable CD-ROM.

Refer to a thread from Techspot which shows you how to repair your Windows XP system if you are unable to boot into windows:

See if that helps you.
This typeof error can also occur from a memory problem. If you can get your hands on memtest86, you might find out forsure. Good luck.
Before I start, thanks for the replies guys

gh0stface wrote:
Is your computer running a RAID configuration?

No its not

I just tried the Repair option, and all seemed to work well, I rebooted the computer and windows began to load, however this time instead of going towards the blue "Windows is starting" scree, it just reset.
I briefly observed a flash of blue, (The Blue Screen Of Death me thinks), but i flashed too quickly for me to read it. I think i could see some machine code and the words memory dump, but I just didn't have time and there was no way to "pause" it
sean_keevey wrote:
Before I start, thanks for the replies guys

gh0stface wrote:
Is your computer running a RAID configuration?

No its not

Ok, that's really weird. The only solutions I have seen for this problem seemed to revolve around a RAID configuration.

I'm not exactly sure what this is causing this however, make sure your cables to your hard drive is firmly connected.
Uchiha Sasuke
Or you maybe had your computar a virus . I think so that maybe the virus had taken of one of yours file inside ur windows folder . Try reformating your computar . Hope it works
If you reinstall windows and lose all your saved files why dont you try to partition your hard Drive.

Ihave Windows XP on my C: and have created 4 more partitions on the same hard drive.

Partition Magic is the easest program to do this with.

You can get a trial viersion to create partitions.
Kyle Katarn
sean_keevey wrote:
but I just didn't have time and there was no way to "pause" it

When you are booting, you can hit f8 at the bootloader (right before the XP splash screen comes up) and disable reboot on failure. This may or may not help you, as I had this EXACT same problem recently. In the end I ended up installing another copy of Windows on my HD, and recovering my files from there.
Thanks for the help guys, i suppose i'll just reformat it,
sean_keevey wrote:
Thanks for the help guys, i suppose i'll just reformat it,

yeah thats it! its a turkish thinking Very Happy
may actually have something to do with your ram
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