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Haiti (The perle of the caribean)

They say a picture is worth 1000 words.

tell me if you dont want to go there...

My paradise.
Haiti is one of the Greater Antilles, and shares with the Dominican Republic, the island of Hispaniola. In the north, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, while to the south is the Caribbean. To the territory of Haiti include the Île de la Gonâve in the Gulf and the island of La Tortue north of the main island.

Petionville is located near the capital. Due to the height, the climate is pleasant. The mountainous landscape of the nearby nature park has suffered strengthens by urban sprawl and deforestation. Who wants to be absolutely been there before, does this best by an organized tour of the north coast of the Dominican Republic: Puerto Plata, Sosúa and Cabarete short taster trips to Fort Liberté (just past the border crossing Dajabón) - including a visit to a market place - offered. For a lot of money, unseen relatively little of Haiti.
The place was very chaotic.

Once we got through customs and outside of the airport, it seemed like instant mayhem. While I certainly wasn’t expecting a JFK type arrival with a Carmel Car & Limo to greet me in a luxury sedan, I wasn’t necessarily expecting a mob, of what I think was mostly men, covering the walkway in which we had to walk through to get to our cars that would caravan us through Port Au Prince to our hotel. People were shoving, grabbing bags, even yanking us here and there to come with them. My travel companions, however, seemed unfazed. Though I did my best to cover it up, I knew she could tell I was nervous, and I definitely was embarrassed. But, I felt so far from home… already. Perhaps it’s because they had visited Haiti before, I thought… and as an activist, many other third world countries, that this sort of chaos doesn’t penetrate anymore… This is Haiti, everyone kept saying. It’s just chaos.
I can accept a critic, and i do admit that the army of men trying to get your attention to be your cady is overwellming indeed. To be honest when they see you coming out of that door they see USD tips that is so valuable for them. I will leave that the the tourism ministery actively working to control and promote a better image of the country when it comes to greeting the tourist willing to visit.

As it was once it would not take to much to get the spot again ( la perle des antilles.)

I believe that the best way to experience a smooth experience, would be to take a direct transfer using the local air travel company (Tortug Air) straight from the airport to any of the remote resort of your choice, that would avoid exiting the airport.

and dont forget, like all vacation trip to exotic island expect a different approach that what you left at home. Thats the whole purpose of the experience...

feel your wild side and open your mind to a new world.
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