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The power of Social networking

Hello, recently I did some work for a company which was trying to build a spectacular set of screens that worked in a browser. The idea was to make Internet users excited about the top videos on the web,
Anyway because the project was under funded the project was canned and yours truly was out of work.
What I decided to do was grab what I had made and turn it into a machine that looked at peoples interaction on Twitter.
I love football so here is the living application I wrote that creates a league of people Tweeting about the top clubs in England.
Every time you visit this page it will be different. For example if you visit it just before a Cup final the teams that are in it will be on "top of the table" and when you click the team button you will find a lot of Tweets about that team.

My questions are these,
1 Have you found other social tools like this before?
2 Can you think of other possible social tools that you would like to use?
1.To be honest, I have never seen social tools like this before, but to me, it doesn't look that appealing.
2.Actually, it's hard for me to come up with other social tools I'd like to use.
You wanna make things people want?That's almost impossible nowadays, cause people never know what they want.
You should try your best to create something you believe people would like to use.
Damn no I've never seen anything like it man.
I was amazed that there are millions of people Tweeting about the top teams in England.
I thought it would be useful for the football (Soccer) fan but it could just as easily be looking at the Tweets made by North Americans on the top ice hockey teams or American football.
There are some people claiming to make a lot of money using Facebook and Twitter simply because of the sheer number of users. Apparently they find something that sells and market it to them somehow. Maybe you could utilize that concept and get very rich from Facebook.
This is a new programming concept.
I am excited about the future because of opportunities which I have good reason to believe exists.
My objectives are to offer unique services to companies.
I'm going to have a look around at new opportunities.
Sorry to go off topic, but the first site in your signature doesn't work well for me (Chrome). When I clicked any button it brings up launch.php which is just a white page for me.
Oh I will shortly be replacing that current Index in about 2 weeks.
All the buttons go through launch and then on to the target page so it was interesting and useful to get your bug report.
chasbeen wrote:
This is a new programming concept.
I am excited about the future because of opportunities which I have good reason to believe exists.
My objectives are to offer unique services to companies.
I'm going to have a look around at new opportunities.

There are people making real good money creating Facebook apps as well. When they play some of those games they use free credits that last just long enough to get them hooked and then they buy some more. Some of the apps that are making good money sell in the $millions.
This is not really a game.
It's just an example of big data analysis. Big business needs these types of applications to interact with their data.
Why don't you pick up some expert's opinion on the most discussed topic ( if there is any ) so that they can be highlighted as well ( example, comment of sir Alex on performance of Wayne Rooney, if such a discussion is going on and such comment is available). I mean, just sorting out the important from the crowd.

PS. The view tweet link sometimes bringing " Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!" Message ( Currently checked for Arsenal and Mancity).
I think it's a wonderful idea Chas. Am just wondering whether you could not run the Twitter site off a Home Website, so you can amplify the Twitter site with plenty of background information. Create a Platform so to speak of which people can jump into the Twitter site.

I seem to recall that someone I bumped into at another Forum created a Twitter Website for social networking, not football however. But it may be helpful for you to look at. I'll revisit that Forum and see whether I can locate the link to that Twitter Website.
Buck I think you need to be logged into Twitter with your Twitter account before the View works,
Dh My principal aim is to get more contracts with companies.
I like code and Art and if I can work in that field,
Send us the link though if you find it.
I had a look Chas and found the Website I was thinking off, but it is slightly different than I thought it was. Still interesting to check it out however:

The author who designed it is a specialist in SEO. As well as Web design. He's from Bolton in the UK. If you need an independent evaluation of where you want to move with your project he would probably be able to provide you with excellent advice.
Thanks for the link Dh
I have 2 Twitter accounts which is very powerful.
I guess there are quite a few ways to exploit Twitter.
I'm now moving on to Flickr and Facebook won't be far behind,
Great idea Chas. Hope it's going to provide you with some income producing ideas. I probably should explore those social networking places too, but have been running away from them because of not trusting them. Maybe one day I'll change my tune.
I'm currently building a Football Flickr 'mash up' but to put Football Twitter in context have a look at this area of my website....
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