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Naruto !


Ok, this is Naruto using an anti/perv technique :]

Lee, a great fighter posing in everydaylife Very Happy

This picture is not certified authentic... Rolling Eyes

Naruto is a manga gone to animation world with actually 157 episods of fansubbed action, a movie is available too, about the Konoha Ninja village and the great adventures of rival schools, very humoristic with drama tension, this anime is for some the DBZ successor... some still complains about the recurrent flashbacks (lazy drawers,lol) and the naivety of the whole thing...some enjoys a big^great saga with charismatics and interesting characters and twisted storyline...

It is great to see another naruto fans. for those who don't know what is naruto, please go to this site :,1072,afqppx,naruto.html

it is fun to see all those cosplay. From what I heard from "naruto-hater", First they don't like the long flashbacks, and second is the pushing of the anime. Now it has 157 eps. OMG. sooner or later, it will become the long-continue anime like "Meitantei Conan". Confused
Naruto rules but Cartoon Network naruto is about the worst thing on earth.
well, i guess the tons of flashback is the drawback of the show but its really a good anime. i rarely find good animes to watch nowaday but this one caught my eye. not just the artwork, i also like the battle sequence, and the story, its unique in its own. i watch naruto in subtitles, so i have no comment on the dubbed version. watching the original jap show shows its real emotion. cuz sometimes cuts and bad dubbing messes the whole original idea
yea even it make another question up in my mind...

i watched this serie by packs of 10 or more episods, and it was really (except the cut open&ending songs sessions) immersive, clearly better than watching it week-a-week...

So i just imagine broadcasters could think about givin it by 3 or more, like they do when they broadcast old series... (in France they do it for Smallville,even the new episodes)

well,again i'm fine and thanking the subbers for this great legal stuff that bring us som taste of liberty without having to avoid watch a show on tv then buy the seasonsDVD... lot of things still to improve tugh ! Cool
Anime drags too long .. reminds me too much of how Dragonball Z went. Manga's slow too, but at least it's faster. Still like it though.

And cosplay is stinky. Razz
Naruto... It's cool, i love it...
I have a lot of episodes of it, (I don't know how much) and the movies.
Sorry, but the cosplay sucks
Raijenki wrote:
Naruto... It's cool, i love it...
I have a lot of episodes of it, (I don't know how much) and the movies.
Sorry, but the cosplay sucks

LOL it depents on the cosplayer i guess *shrug i've actually seen people cosplayed naruto characters quite realistically. man, how much sasuke and naruto cosplayer looked like their anime counterpart *faints
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