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Shark Tank / Dragon's Den

Does anyone find these two shows absolutely riveting?

It's so crazy to see the ideas people come up with and to hear their stories, but even more amazing to watch the huge spectrum of intelligence that walks through the doors. Some people are just adamant that they are god's gift to the entrepreneurial world, others too modest for their own good and sitting on an absolute gem, or worse letting other companies profit from their loose reigns (lack of patents, paid 'marketing', etc).

I also enjoy the humour the five millionaire entrepreneurs bring to the table.

I'm interested to know what other shows you watch of the same nature (so I can start following them myself) and your thoughts on the series?
It is like a reality show and really about people that just want some m-o-n-e-y for their business or their business idea. Going there comes at a price for to get these investors to part with their money you have to give up something. They usually end up taking a percentage of your company which I am going to assume means a specific part of the profits. Well, that seems fair to both parties as long as it is a reasonable risk venture for one or more of these investors and not to high a price to pay for the business owner.

The scenes played out in the studio by the would be business person in front of the televison camera involve giving a presentation and talking to the investors. Beware as they may show enthusiam for your cause or run you and your business into the ground. Everyone here is looking to make money and the characters do play a big part in the entertainment package for the show.

Another show is the Dragon's Den, a Canadian version which I will say is my favorite because I think it has more colourful characters playing lets do business. It can be very humourous watching what ideas people come up with to make money.

The viewer watching at home also may tend to put themselves in the picture and if they are up to it make it a possiblity someday. Sometimes you have an idea for a business but the banks may not give you the startup capital you need so why not apply for a chance to talk to the people with all the large piles of cash.

I like watching it, have for years.
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