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We the aliens.

Do we hate the puny eartlings?
Yes. Die earthlings, die.
 30%  [ 4 ]
Let them live some more.
 69%  [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 13

Oh i was just passing through earth, and what did I see. My! There is a raging war going war going on bout us. We hate aliens. We love aliens and now even a we dont give a .... bout aliens.
I mean come on guys. We aliens too have feelings. We never will steal your women. We will only steal your men, if you get my point. Noobie oh why do u hate us so much. BTW, dan dont worry much bout him. He is not gonna live much longer. Our sniper are trailing him day and night, from mars. Die.Die. Die noobie.
Join the "We the aliens" campaign. Only if you are an alien.
Note to noobie- We outnumber you on earth too.
Grins to himself- Bondings is, Dan is. MhWaaH. All your bases are belongs to us.
Ps. the pic you have of aliens is all wrong. We donot look like that.But I will not tell you what we look like. Top alien secret.
Also Might I ask some of my Alien friend to make us a avtar. Im not much good with photoshop. But im good with sniper rifle, trailing noobie.
why cant aliens and humans live side by side? Wink
Lady Elensar
right. Neutral

This should be funny or something?
I love aliens and I WONT change my mind . Cool
Yes! Yes! The aliens, thats we, can live side by side. We always wanted to. But it is you earthlings, or atleast some of them, like noobie, who always want to kill us. But if you say let there be peace between us and earthlings. We ask for only one thing in return. Noobie. We cant leave him. He has done much harm already. We want to, ahem, ahem, do something with him. Better left unsaid.
We explore(the Earth)... and you call us criminals. We seek after knowledge(how you reproduce)... and you call us criminals. We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias(without you ever seeing us)... and you call us criminals. You build atomic bombs, you wage wars, you murder, cheat, and lie to us and try to make us believe it's for our own good, yet we're the criminals and should be judged and killed.
Now tell us if we shouldn't hate you?
BTW the above is (slightly modified ) from the hackers manifesto by the mentor. (Mentor was an alien)
hey, noobie is all yours. go ahead and take him anytime you want ^_^
Yes, Yes, Yes. Die noobie die.
This is what we look like.

And this is what we are.
yeah why can't aliens and humans live side by side? lets have peace Smile
I have never met an alien, but I don't think I would kick his ass if I saw one Wink
Alienz wrote:
yeah why can't aliens and humans live side by side? lets have peace Smile
We can live alongside the earthlings, but the we hate aliens scum must die.
No, maybe some of you don't get that as a joke Rolling Eyes.

The ET on teh avatar was Bondings' extremely old avatar and when his face was asked by a guest, he placed the ET avatar as his face Wink.

And, no. Moderators don't earn so much FRIH$ through that. I actually gained 0.00 FRIH$.
What a wierd question to ask. That mystery is a no brainer of corse humans are just going to roll over an die if there is ever an alien invasion.
hey I was unable to get that joke. I have been here what 3 days? Just came back from mars. And I meant the earning frih$ in a tounge of cheek way. Hope It did not offend you.
@alien brotherhood
But hey guys, this crying by the noobie is not gonna get him spared. Yeah you with the sniper rifle keep trailing. Die noobie, die.
For the alien brotherhood, e need to keep this post on first page. So ill have to post here.
@mods Its not for points, Im already45+.
Why would aliens destroy us? The only decent reason would be for the resources here, but then they still don't have to destroy us. Especially if they are able to travel through space much better than we can, their technology would be a lot better.

As for US destroying aliens coming here, why? There must be some way for us to benefit by keeping peace with them, especially over being at war with an interplanetary race.
I think That humans are aliens for aliens.......
And if aliens live with Humans then this world would be .......

Avk :-)
It rocks, i love aliens
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