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Help me decipher this?

So where i work one of my colleagues has a stalker/person infatuated with her... she finds him odd and creepy... today he left her this letter, my other colleague and I tried to crack the strange code it seems to be in... A failed attempt at Iambic Pentameter, with complete misused and incorrect words.

Upon reading this... "letter", i found myself thrown into a thousand different tangents within one sentence. It seems as though the words sound right, but examining each of them separately makes them stand out as simply wrong. It's like verbal diarrhea, straight from the mouth of a lonely drunk that's stumbled out of a Shakespearean themed pub. Ultimately, if it weren't so poorly written, it would be considered pretentious and all too wordy. This could have been written far better in the half the content.

Each sentence seemed to be the multiverse in the form of bad grammar.

Thus, propinquity discernment, pherein tracks collated.- bold, of chance, of hopeful insistence. I well rather addled lacking for more wit so adamant – platitudeness rot. Genuinity must be feint intermittence as all thing true is is omni-present, as in pure synchronisity – but cough, question, incessancy, - for it, refute! Something but quantum lies, of ages differed and all to oppose the parallel stations that come. Seemingly that we dwell from on, has been waiting since I say prolonged corners on popondetta road, or mid-section overnights on mamre. In thought of priating a regard seething. The lines written a ;oss culminating for one spoken dandy- true to I. And, I didn’t consult for only diminuiative introspective of which part of the year you’re born. I saw that in the passion which I hold my life by; that’d an alike reign of yourself. And maybe in this a friend someone close, or someone confide to, if only at once given if myself throughout, if the parts in which I feel close to myself from solely my own thought, in that you’d reciprocate something in the degree – but you are a charm, maybe I guess a Capricorn entity? “Whats Gone[/] and what’s past help should be [u]past grief” Yes, that refracted it could be. But with a Edgar Allen Poe’s book of poetry set forth under my left shoulder it is Shakespeare I wish to anote. Would he but, Edgar Allen Pie had been seen so macabre had he not been one twisted from truest love.

My acumen false, for it be only hindsight to clarify, one of a Lion, the two fish, or the aculeous scorpion, and so on: but, not anymore assertive , but a Gemini maybe close b chance to I, I know is certainly suited to second guess all too well. Yes, that happened actually before that I plaintively feel of it.

I will copy what ive written from interpolated scribbles of lichromatic ink, from the “storm in my min” (attrib Darby Crash) on a clear page. But I well thrive upon plain, greyness, contrite and naieve, as it is seen me a “jinx”. Im not sure as someone to only listens to music, and writes how that has come, but I would rather be oft of that a whirlpool rushes at the pivot where I am centred, but awe and hopeful will for life periphery waives that encircle me above.

My days of song will come, but not on water pastel paint, diminishing on fubric disproportionate to the feeling enduring years which needs a stitch – years of a feeling needs a right stitch
It’s a adugio violins, or in a dream the flutes and basoons hat soar, for which I think of you one with who you are in your poetry. As I have not seen, but I write from my stomach awaken by some spirit that must have been crossed of yours whatever colour it may be moving. Charcoal trees with drooping deep dark greens, I see myself, and maybe the vestige that from yourself, I retrieve.
Maybe I could say it’s a sample move if destinity to cross you and gain inspiration for some lines in that latest song ive written , and in it there will be memory of yourself that goes with me, from the song aswell. However I don’t minimalise that maybe you are a true friend – in spirit. I believe every thought onto the spirits shall be true into this earth, in whats true prevails the dearest spirit – bar none

I guess I could say the eighteenth is the dawn for actions, put forth ot left in versatile questionality. Not as ambiguous as the seventeenth, I allude for other than the loss, and do not accept, and do not want conclusion in that, but also I allude in the seventeenth that throughout my beiny something I sought is going as it is meant to. I would quote a poem, or one of something sweet so you’d see clearly that I see you very dearly, but as it goes I leave it empty, but in that poems or quotes enlightnening im sure you know, so therefore this conclusive stanza you’ll see it is at “shakespeares” :parting be such sorry: or something in that emotional bloom, for which you I feel.

TL:DR Too many comma's

So Please please please what do you deduce from this "Letter"?
I would say the author is trying to impress by using long words that I doubt would appear in anyone’s vocabulary but the letter is proof that the words (or some of them) do exist though I am not familiar with them and dare say did not look them up.

Alas, I could have used “well” instead of alas but alas sounds more poetic. Smile Yes, I think the intent of the letter is to try to impress with poetry, knowledge of authorship using high sounding words.

But what does it all mean? Perhaps the last paragraph might determine that?

do not want conclusion in that, but” sounds like the author see’s or fears a change about a friend which was stated previously in the letter, and “parting be such sorry: or something in that emotional bloom, for which you I feel” the last line seems to indicate a separation but confirmation that the author has feeling for the person he is writing too.

That is the best I can do with that hope it helps.
You lost me at propinquity discernment. Sorry. Sad
Yes, he is obviously madly in love with her and is trying to do a Shakespeare bit to impress. I think he has tried just a little too hard and got himself lost in the tangle of big irrelevant words. She should keep a close eye on him because now he has made a move there may be more to come. His writing would suggest that maybe he is not quite balanced emotionally and psychologically.
I am a little creeped out by him.... I don't know What is going to happen.... the person this is for is also not the literary type...
restraining order! Kindly, do not let your colleague go anywhere a lone. Go in groups. Safety in numbers. If you and/or others can't, have her request security escort. Do not give this stalker the opportunity to get close her. Better caution than ...
Sadly restraining orders arent that easy in australia but 9/10 times she is picked up by her friend...
Also security escort would be too expensive... we worl retail
IndieCthulhu wrote:
I am a little creeped out by him.... I don't know What is going to happen.... the person this is for is also not the literary type...
Well he could be asked to reirriate in simple lanquage. "what did you actually mean generally when you sent me that letter. Please express in simple words." If he can't then I would say he is stuck in creative mood yeah.

Some art types are creepy yeah!
I wonder what it is like in this blokes world?
He feels socially inept no doubt and is not in touch.
He might be unpredictable and should be controlled as there might be an unfortunate end.
Doubtless most of the words in the letter are real words, though obscure. I did look up "fubric" however, and google define disavows all knowledge. Apparently typos and/or total flights of fancy are also within the repertoire of this person.
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