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Need help on what is MySQL and PHP!

I will honored if you guys could teach your God-given talents to somebody a dummy like me.
start here, if you've read all the pages then you should have a strong basis.

the most important question you need to ask yourself is: "what do I (you) want to accomplish?"
You know complete php and mysql programming at
If you find detailed explanation of all the php library(functions) here including interacting with mysql server for database operations.

You might not require any source other than this to know about the php programming.

You can even download the completed site as html or chm and refer to it offline as and when you need.[/url]
IMO can be a bit scary for people that are new to the language.
I would recommend you W3Schools to learn differences between HTML, CSS, Javascript compared to PHP and compared to SQL (MySQL).

To cut long story short - PHP is operating on the server on which the webpage is hosted, it processes data from the server and SQL database via MySQL (which is way in which PHP interacts with SQL databases) and then creates HTML output which is sent to users browser and then (in the browser) formatted and stylized with CSS and Javascript files which were downloaded from the webpage server together with HTML file.

Well, W3Schools is still better way to learn it step by step.
Marcuzzo wrote:
start here, if you've read all the pages then you should have a strong basis.

the most important question you need to ask yourself is: "what do I (you) want to accomplish?"

I like these statement.

If you want to know more on this stuff you research, read more and experiment much more.

Those tips i mentioned is for your owned benifits.
php is the programming language. MySQL is the database or filing system your application accesses. You could look at MySQL as file where the application you write in php stores and retrieves and saves its data.

MySQL allows the data to be saved to an exact place in a cell in a table. Also the data saved can be retrieved in any number of ways.

I would suggest you download and install WAMP or WAMPP


I use WAMP.

On the MySQL site download the manual..

Read the whole thing (some day) But do go to page 181 where you learn how to create a database.

I find to be helpful too..

Goog Luck!!!!
PHP is a server-side scripting language.
It supports MYsql for database management.
PHP is used to program your site and MySQL to create,store and edit databases
PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-Processer, which means document or
file on server will be processed first and then serve to client browser.
Which thus known as Server-Side Script.

PHP compile document on server side so that nobody can see
php code.

PHP is community based open source web programming language,
which is most popular in internet world.

To, store and retrieve you data in future you need to save them in
server side, which is done in database.
And, hence MySQL is one of free database to store data.

MySQL needs SQL, Structured Query Language Programming knowledge
to connect, store, update, delete and retrieve data from database.

For further knowledge please refer official documentation
on php on its own website
and mysql on

Other tutorials websites around internet world are just to help us
in easier way.

You can go with if you want to learn them
from beginning.
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