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Why pasting content from MS Word into Joomla is a bad idea

Pasting content from Word into your Joomla Editor should be done with caution. Word adds a lot of specific markup to the content that will be carried over to JCE or other WYSIWYG editors.

The markup is there to make sure the document looks the same when pasted. However, in most cases it is is totally useless and creates all sorts of problems.

It is not good to copy from Word. Use Notepad or try the paste as plain text. Of course, when using JCE, you could also be using the "Paste from Word" icon, which strips Word specific coding from the content.

Another common problem is that articles pasted from Word look different from other content on the site, as it contains style info that conflicts with the stylesheet of the Joomla template.

This has been a problem for years, and it will probably exist as long as Word is out there…

Setting up JCE to improve pasting from Word:
If you have users on your site that often forget to paste using the "Paste from Word" function you can force JCE to strip Word styles.

Go to Components -> JCE -> Editor Profiles -> [Your profile]

Then navigate to Plugin Parameters and select the tab "Paste":

On this tab, you have some options that you can activate to have JCE remove more markup from the pasted content.

Hope this helps!!
I suggest you paste first to your notepad the copy and paste it again to you Joomla site. Very easy and not that complex process.
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