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What new foreign language are you learning?

Are you learning a new foreign language?

What new foreign language are you learning?
My mother tongue is Nepali but I know a bit of English since we learn all academic courses in English language. I am trying to learn Spanish right now. I even went to college to learn Spanish. I went for a year and then quit the college. I am thinking of rejoining after a few months.
I am learning Spanish as well. I use a software called Rosetta Stone, which I like very much. The most advanced sentence I have learned so far is "El hombre bebe" which means that a man is drinking something, if I am not mistaken.
I'm not learning anything currently but I thinking of learning Russian... it's a very complex language that confuses people and makes you sound like a secret agent or some mad bad guy... also not alot of people in australia knows it...
I'm an American currently living in Germany, so, I would say that each day I try to learn a little more German. I have also spent time in Poland, and I will say that the slavic based languages are a pain to learn...mostly due to the letters I am unfamiliar with.
I tried learning Spanish from Rosetta Stone as well, but I found it pretty frustrating because it's sometimes hard to figure out exactly what something means. The writing portion is even more difficult and annoying because if you make a few mistakes, you're doomed to repeat the whole section over again. I found that incredibly annoying and I stopped using it after a few lessons. Now I'm trying to learn from through some audio books, but I think the best way of learning a language is to immerse yourself in the language and watch a lot of videos etc in the language. It helps if you really like their music and TV shows.
I learned English during more than 10 years (I am French) and I also learned Spanish for a very long time. During two years, at university, I studied Japanese, it was very interesting but also very hard !
I'm trying to learn the Russian language.
Here in Finland, a lot of Russian tourists are visiting our country and it would be nice to have a word with them.
Currently using the Rosetta Stone suite to learn French, German, and Korean!!
i want to learn Chinese.
I have been trying to learn Punjabi, I can speak it well enough but writing is another challenge altogether!
Good luck to you all!
Razz io sto studiando la lingua italiana
Apart from my natural langnuage which is french, i've learned English (I think that is now at a pretty advanced stage Smile ) and en este momento estoy aprendendo Español (At the moment i am learning spanish :p )
i am Thai. i learn Laos and Cambodian languages
Nyasro wrote:
i want to learn Chinese.

me too
I am learning German since I'm currently leaving in a German speaking country (but my work language s English). I used to study it for two years during high school, but now it seems I have forgotten almost everything. Razz
I am not learning any new language at the moment, but I want to learn Korean, Japanese, and Chinese Smile
Sylin wrote:
I am not learning any new language at the moment, but I want to learn Korean, Japanese, and Chinese Smile watch and speakout

notice : some video can watch only in main land
I was trying to learn french but...
I would like to learn some italian
75alex wrote:
and en este momento estoy aprendendo Español (At the moment i am learning spanish :p )

Arrow aprendiendo
I am trying to learn french.I just looks it is not hard but still we trying to catch proper sounds of alphabet.its amazing.
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What new foreign language would you like to learn?
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