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Frihost backed competition idea

So I noticed that bondings wanted to make a competition to celebrate 1000000 posts, as far as I can tell there has yet to be a competition. Now the main idea I have will benefit the winner every frihost user and frihost itself.

In this forum the main people are coders... so What if we had a competition where people had to build and create a smartphone app for the website and the winner gets a decent prize after bring voted on by everyone?

Edit: this post was written on a phone and will be edited later for more information

Okay here is the EDIT:

Mobile phone apps are very easy to create, well the simple ones, the thing people need to watch out for are the different screen sizes and pixel sizes, Now for a forum it just makes it easier to browse the website without re-sizing constantly. A good example is a few of the Reddit Apps.
Great idea IC. Cool
Great Idea.
hmmm... nice idea but i am not in-favor anymore on smart phone apps. smart phone apps are only good if you have constant viewing on a certain menu but here on the forum most of the time we read all kind of topic.
So I was thinking about ways to incite a large amount.of people to enter the competition... one of the prizes could be a percentage of the ads revenue on the app
I would actually like to push this competition forward but don't have the Frih or Coins to fund the competition. So i would like to ask for some backers for the prizes?
Would be cool if I could get on frihost easier using my tablet on the go.
I just realized something. Having a Frihost app would make more people willing to log on to Frihost using their phones as it would be easier to browse as it is bigger and easier to click as it is more mobile friendly. This has the potential to solve the problem of inactive users greatly. It might also increase the number of users at Frihost although I am worried that there might be too many users for Bondings to handle as there would be more hosting,domain name requests and higher traffic load which would require Bondings to upgrade the server. What do you think of this idea?[/list]
I think this is good idea. I can support it with some coins for winner but I would like to know before are Bondings interest in. Rolling Eyes

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