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chrome operating system and chrome books

I was browsing the Google websites earlier and stumbled upon chromebooks with a Google os... I'm actually a little excited. Who else is?

Short boot time sounds nice. I've heard bits and pieces of Google's OS. Throwing out laptops and netbooks with the OS already on it is pretty neat and they're inexpensive. My list of gadgets just keeps getting longer!
So after a little bit more of a look in, it would seem that the laptops they are releasing currently are more final tests before an actual release, I would be interested in an ISO format so that i could install Chromium As they call it on one of my laptops. A light weight yet clean looking Operating System sounds perfect to me.
I like the idea of Chrome OS because it is free and open-source even though Google is a commercial company. This shows that it is possible and practical for a commercial company to build open-source software. But would this operating system be able to replace conventional operating systems such as Windows or Mac OS X?
I am not very clear on this OS but i have heard its pretty good and run smoothly (my opinion) however the OS still has a range of issues most stemming from remaining a fairly closed "apps" environment rather than a truly open platform and the spectre of offline performance.

The concept behind Chrome OS is to have an operating system that is all about being online; built around the popular Chrome browser and utilising the wealth of HTML apps, cloud storage and online docs.

It also manages to make many of these seem less relevant in the modern internet and app dominated world and also brings a whole sea of advantages.
What makes me not want Chrome OS is the fact that it is cloud-based. Here in my country, the internet is still not readily accessible in some areas (and if it is, it might not be that fast), so having the idea to store files on the web is not so practical. At this time, I'd still definitely prefer something that has a traditional large hard drive which I can store my files on locally. Smile
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