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Too tired to go on, Pope Benedict resigns

Too tired to go on, Pope Benedict resigns
Unexpected news shake the Christians world, this afternoon the Pope Benedict “Joseph Ratzinger “announced His followers that he will resign in the end of the month "because of advanced age." order to protect his health.
Something like this as not happen in the last 600 years till now we are used to see them die to be replaced, like we saw with Pope John Paul the second.
He has been the first to do something in concerns to the scandal involving Catholic priests, with complaints of sexual abuse and lawsuits over the issue tearing at the church.
Abusive priests had "disfigured their ministry" and brought "profound shame and regret" on the church, he said in 2010.
What is your opinion on this Pope? Was Joseph Ratzinger a good pope?
lol Zaxa, you should change your user name to Radio Zaxa! Twisted Evil

But yes, the news about the pope is certainly significant and perhaps also good news. He really looks as though he is on his last legs. How could he be useful to the position of Pope when he has one foot in the grave? The last TV news reports I've seen of him he looked amazingly frail. Wonder who the next one is going to be?

Anyway, as to what my impressions are of him. I think his bad luck was that he had to become pope after one of the most loved and popular popes in recent history - Jean Paul the Second. I'm not a catholic and have never been into Popes, but I was a great admirer of Jean Paul and also very intrigued by him. He talked simple talk that I could relate to. And he felt quite close to normal human beings. Previous to that the Pope always felt remote to me, like an inanimate figure head of the Catholic Church. All pomp and ceremony with plenty of glitter. I'd say the last pope was pretty much the norm pope for me. I don't really know much about him, and I am not really interested enough to want to find out more about him either. I'm still hoping to see the sequel of the Biography of Jean Paul's (Karol, the man who became Pope). Maybe one day!
If this news is true, then this must be shocking.

I guess he is not resigning? perhaps he needs a vacations leave or sick leave if his health has a problem.
I am shock.

I just woke up and turn on the televesion and it is a headline... in history for over 600 years it happens again. They have said this case happen 4th over 265 pope on the leadership.

What a sad news.
I never understood why the popes carried on till they were dead,it makes more sense to allow them to retire,may be even have a retirement age like normal people,it is after all a job.
They are speculating that the first Asian pope may be elected this time round. Anyone have the same view?
zaxacongrejo wrote:
Was Joseph Ratzinger a good pope?

Is there such a thing?
ocalhoun wrote:
zaxacongrejo wrote:
Was Joseph Ratzinger a good pope?

Is there such a thing?
I thought the previous Pope, Jean Paul, was quite OK. Particularly since his message was about love and hope and he could relate to the people in the street, not only catholics but all people. I'd say the world needs plenty of that. I'd be curious why you are asking the question though? I.e. you obviously don't think there is such a thing as a good pope, why do you think that?
I think this one of the most important decision the Pope toke.
The life expectation has changed, and the speed of changes in the world has change the last 100 years.
Image George Bush or Barack Obama would stay until the end of their life at the head of the US. Everything would become more and more blocked.
This is the right step get a bit evolution in the Catholic Church.
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