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What do you think about the latest greatest tablet computers

These machines are the size bigger than mobiles but smaller than laptops.

Just a note about my experience buying a tablet we tried IPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy (Android/Google)

I myself have an iPod 4 mobile which is 2 years old, My daughter just got an old ipod mobile phone, My sister got an Ipad 1 tablet.

All these "older" iPod/iPads (Mobile/Tablets) are great which is why I was really disappointed with the iPad 2 and Samsung when My wife tried them.

Both the new Ipad and the Samsung wanted credit card details before you could do anything. The Samsung could not run Skype (The main reason my wife was getting a tablet)

In the end we binned tablets. I was really disappointed with them. We got her a laptop in the end. I don't like Windows 8 that much, but at least it was useful for everything we originally planned for the tablet.

It's just my take and you might find things different....
I think tablets are not good for work or school. It is designed for casual use. I'm writing this using my Galaxy Note 1, a tablet phone. The Galaxy Note 1 is significantly smaller than most tablets and is more of a phone. I recommend a laptop instead for work or schools that require personal computers. A netbook is cheaper and more useful although netbooks have small keyboards which may be annoying for users. I heard that you can also
switch to the traditional view in Windows 8 if you dislike the new interface although I'm not sure how to do it.
for work laptop is more comfortable but we can use tablet phones as business purpose regarding mails, client interaction.
Tablets are very useful but i have just bought an ASUS tablet recently and it is a 10 inches one, i should say it is not very easy to hold it in the hands when you are in your bed or you are sitting on a chair, i found that when i'm using it i mostly lay it on bed or on table for a better control , so i think 7 inches tablets are much more better and comfortable than 10 inches but the only problem is that reading stuffs on a 7 inches one is not really easy.
Tablet is good but for office use laptop is more comfortable and we not hold in a hand easily.
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