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What is the name of this movie?

Many years ago I watched a movie on the TV that I might want to watch again but I can't remember the name. I think it was a horror or thriller movie. It was some people working in a building and I think the whole movie took place in this building. They might have been scientists or something. Not sure if their profession had anything to do with what happened but it was as if the building was alive, but in a subtle, scary way. It could control doors and elevators and such things. I think one of them was somehow killed in/by the elevator. I can't remember that the building had any windows. All I remember is this dark corridor with an elevator at the end, and a door (or gate) that closes from above, and I think someone was running to not be trapped on the wrong side of the door, but my memory is a blur so this could have been at different places and the door could have been the elevator, etc. My guess is that the movie was made in the '80s but it could have been the '70s or early '90s.
Was it like some lightning hit the station during storm and all the electronical stuff was controlled by some intelligence form since then? And in the end it (the artificial intelligence) managed to build robots to hunt for any survivors left?

That's only picture that I reminded after reading your post. Not sure if it is what you want but anyway - I cannot remember the title Smile
No it was not like that. No robots. I don't remember "the building" ever communicating with the humans.
Could it be The Shaft?

No, it's not The Shaft.
The closest thing I can think of is 1408 but I know it's not that.

This might be a useful thread actually. I have a super obscure one that I'm sure no-one will be able to help me with but I will try just on the off chance I locate this awesome film.

Ok so I think this film was either finnish, swedish or norwegian. A guy has a boring terribly bureaucratic job in an office, and he is getting increasingly unhappy. His wife is obsessed with interior design and redesigning the house (to the point of being mad), he keeps walking past this place in the movie where there's an odd smell coming from somewhere. He eventually locates the source of the smell in a basement and starts digging a hole. Eventually somewhere near the end he breaks through into a kitchen on "the other side", it's sort of like some parallel universe thing going on but the authorities shut it down. Also I think it's the same film where there's 1 bus that comes into town every week or something, but no-one ever leaves on the bus. Also there are no children.
Peterssidan wrote:
My guess is that the movie was made in the '80s but it could have been the '70s or early '90s.

I do remember something like what you described... but, sorry, I don't remember the title.. although I'm pretty confident that It's a 1980s movie ... I'm not sure as of its nationality (US vs. European) too ..
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