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Joomla Security Tips

Some simple tips to secure your Joomla website:

1. Change the administrative username of your Joomla
By default your administrative username is admin. The majority of the attackers would expect the username to be admin. Changing it will protect you against many attacks.

2. Change the default table prefix of your Joomla database
Changing the default table prefix will stop the majority of attacks against your database.

3. Password protect your Joomla administrative area
Password protecting the "administrator" folder will add an additional layer of protection to your Joomla website. You should set username and password for your website different from the ones for your Joomla application. Once you do this, you will have to login twice. First to access the login page of Joomla and then to login in the application itself. That would make guessing your passwords a very difficult task for any attacker. In addition, even if there is a security breach within the Joomla script itself, a potential attacker won't be able to gain access to your administrative end even if s/he knows your login details.

4. Keep your Joomla up-to-date
You should always keep your Joomla application up-to-date. Subscribe to the Joomla newsletter in order to receive news about new versions. You can do this at Joomla's official download page. Once you receive a notification that a new version of Joomla is released, you should upgrade your website immediately.

5. Use the .htaccess file to additionally secure Joomla
You should make the following changes to the .htaccess file in the Joomla directory:
First, If you don't have a .htaccess file in your Joomla folder, you should rename the htaccess.txt file that comes with your Joomla installation package to .htaccess. To do this, you can use the File Manager tool in your cPanel. In addition, doing this will allow you to enable the SEF functionality of your Joomla application. The rules in it will block the majority of well-known attacks against your website. Make sure you are running your website on PHP 5.2 or newer. Block the access to all files except index.php and index2.php. Note, however, that you may have to allow the access to some additional files if your extensions require them. If certain parts of your website do not appear, you can check the files that they rely on. Then, you can add them to the access rules. Generally, if you add the following lines to your .htaccess file, everything should work just fine:

<Files *.php>
deny from all
<Files ~ "(^index.php|^index2.php)$">
allow from all

I agree with the tips.

I just want to add to have a back up always.

Happy sharing.
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