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[OFFICIAL] MSN Messenger 8.0 or Windows Live Messenger

Trash MSN Messenger in the bin.

7.5 for Windows XP or 7.0 for the rest will be the last version of MSN Messenger.

We will be welcoming a new Messaging System.

Windows Live Messenger

Crying or Very sad
goodbye butterfly! hello a much better logo! there has been an e-mail going around about an msn messenger charge does anyone know if this is true?!? will it be imposed when windows live come out?
Lord Klorel
If MSN Messenger stops with his development, what will be the successor of this great program? Shocked

I hope that some great mind will develop a new program in the footsteps of MSN Messenger, because all other messenger programs i used are not comparable with the great program. Rolling Eyes
At MSN should have immediately understood how dangerous skype was. Now it is too late.

I abandoned MSN a long time ago and use Skype instead now. With pleasure !! And...with huge savings in communication expenses, both for work and leisure!!
wutangdan wrote:
goodbye butterfly! hello a much better logo! there has been an e-mail going around about an msn messenger charge does anyone know if this is true?!? will it be imposed when windows live come out?

No. Windows Live Messenger / MSN Messenger will always stay free. Those are just chain mails to generate more spam.

[edit] Screenies!

Contact List
Playing Tank Wars
Shared Folders
Edit Contact List
Offline Messaging (it's here Wink)
Message History
Contact List Colouring Razz
Contact List Menu
Style 1
Style 2
Dynamic Backgrounds

All taken from, the best source for MSN Messenger.

and should I move this topic?
Really,Will try,lol: good things to do!
Nothing more then a name change. The features in Windows Live would've been in MSN8 anyways.

I'm sure people will continue to refer to it as MSN for sometime.
lol i think they dont need any new version now they just need new program coz im using the base version this is the best one for me Confused
Same here. I think the final release version of M$'s new IM software will have the MSN brand attached to wouldn't surprise me! Very Happy
No loss to me because I never used MSN anyway Smile I installed it once and then my Firewall program (Sygate) started to send me some weird warnings about ports that MSN Messenger is trying to activate. So I un-installed it. I also googled about it and some people think Msn Messenger is spyware !

*Tries hard to figure out why this would be world news and not software news *
Here you can discuss all recent news items, whether they are internet-related or not.

Eh well...

7.5 will be its last version having the "butterfly" in it...thats what I'm sure of.
sounds interesting...but always will be fan of MSN messenger.
Kyle Katarn
MSN Messenger? What's that? Oh, I remember, its that program I used years ago!
Seriously now, I haven't used MSNM in years. Like, ever since Trillian came out. And try running MSNM on *nix. It don't happen. I have been using GAIM and Trillian for forever. One major advantage they have is the multi-network support. I have pretty much every IM system ever, and I can use them all in one proggie! YAY FOR TRILLIAN
This story of msn vanishing it's not going to happen, because msn has just to much followers.

But personaly I belive in service convergence (VoIP, Video streaming, Video conferencing) and a single ID for multiple telecommunications services, and for that msn has still much to evolve, and others are way ahead.
MSN isn't vanishing.

The program is. They are replacing it with a program called

"Windows Live Messenger". The butterfly from MSN Messenger will be gone and stuff and replaced with the Windows icon.
I got a hold of the new "Windows Live Messenger", the beta build , of course.Very Happy
I'll say, it has it's ups and downs. I don't like the fact that they removed the "preview display pic" feature for when you enter your login info..
Well, its BETA Rolling Eyes. They might include it in the later versions, eh?
well it could make a nice change all this time with msn messenger. Where can you download msn live or that thing. Hope it is better,much better, then msn messenger or there will be totally no point. I hope that the will make it better. It is actually there only hope. Or every will get really narked and wonder what was the point of killing off messenger.
As someone said in here earlier, personally I think you must be absolutely mad to use MSN Messenger, or this new version.

Microsoft love to use ActiveX objects for their software - why is that do you think?

Certainly, most of the non-Microsoft market has made a strong move to stay away from ActiveX, considering the security holes it opens up in your PC, yet MS persist...

ActiveX allows an external source limited access to your PC, once you allow the running of the applied script. MS love this technology, because as with most commercial organisations, they're all about the money and generating repeat dependant business.

Look at this analogy: Light Bulbs. For years now, there has been the technology to build light bulbs that will never fail. Do they? Of course not, the companies that make them would go out of business.

Same thing with Microsoft. They want you to use and buy their products, but they leave open holes in them for malicious app's to enter. Why? So that you become dependant on the "security updates" and looking at MS's news and site for information. What this means is that as soon as something new from MS comes out, you all rush to buy it. Hey, if it's MS then it must be better than the last version, right ?

Personally, I monitor my ports, and I also noticed MSM trying to open more ports that it could possibly need when I tested it last. I use a third party app for messenging that combines all my YIM and MSM hostnames in one application. Also, I'm still one of the die hards that's using 2000 Pro, as opposed to XP on one of my PC's. I hated XP when it first came out, and still do today - it's a Windows system for GUI junkies. My main PC's though are all Linux systems - much smaller, faster, more efficient, and a hell of a lot more secure..... Smile
u see MSN Messenger is on fire and all are using it and u have a news that it is going away ie No New versions

Just See messenger will go much more furthur

Avk :-)
Looks pretty cool, hope its out soon
This looks interesting.

Thanks for the information. I wonder if Google is going to do anything with Googletalk to make it a better competitor in an already established race...
" they're all about the money"

WHAT FOR the richest man on world will need MORE???????
He would need MORE money Wink

You can never ever stop wanting money ye know Wink
i dont know, it looks pretty sick. i like the offline messenger idea Very Happy
I already trashed mine.....And long before I read this LOL When they started trying to police file sharing by stopping exe files and mp3 files and stuff that was enough for me. It was done supposedly for the protection of its users from viruses but only fools would believe this and not realize the real intentions is to stop piracy and bootlegging. After several failed attempts at using patches to restore msn functionality and take away some of the blacklisting I decided to switch to Aim and for the time being its much better.
sounds great - ill be putting it on my site
I never use msn before
I'd use oicq
Hehe, no MSN here. Used Yahoo Messenger in the past, Gtalk now Very Happy
I won't delete the MSN......
I will keep using MSN.

And MSN is still working now....... Confused
It's only in testing phrase now...!

And please don't post about the security risks of MSN Messenger and stuff. I like it and I use it.

Install addons for MSN Messenger made by 3rd parties to compromise those risks like I did.
Why do you think that MSN MEssenger is worse than Skype? I've tried both for talking to someone with a computer and they seemed equally good. MSN had teh advantage of allowing a camera to be used at the same time

Yes, no0bie, I think that you should move this thread to the "Computer Hardware and Software" forum.

PS: Anyone wanted a copy will NOT recieve it from me.Wink

I do NOT want to know about alternatives to MSN Messenger.

I think that IRC is quite good fun Very Happy (quakenet #qhp Wink)
I have MSN and Google oh and Xfire aswell Very Happy
I agree with some of the others who say that it's just a name change. To me it looks like they got a "softer" interface which seems more welcoming than it's predecessors. They probably decided that it was time for a name change since they dug it into the ground for years on end. I think it's similar to what Microsoft did with Microsoft Office. Before, it was called "Microsoft Word" for their wordprocessor. Then, in Office 2003, it was renamed to "Microsoft Office Word". It seems to be similar to Microsoft Office XP comparing it to the older Microsoft Office 2000, with a nicer, sleeker, and more comfortable interface.

And as for the people who question why Microsoft would want more money ? People who have power want more power. Money is power. There's a lot of things that you can do with it. And Bill Gates donated over like $2 million the other week to find a cure towards the mosquito virus. Not too sure if anyone heard anything about that.

- Mike.
Ever wondered who hates you?
Now and thanks to Alvaro's MSN you can know doesn't want to talk to you anymore. aMSN is almost the same as MSN Messenger, but more features are added.
What's even better, you can use it in other OSs, like Linux.
Anyone beats that Open Source software?
n0obie4life wrote:
Trash MSN Messenger in the bin.

7.5 for Windows XP or 7.0 for the rest will be the last version of MSN Messenger.

We will be welcoming a new Messaging System.

Windows Live Messenger

Crying or Very sad

Thank for the advert. I hope it will be better than MSN Messenger.
i've also heard of this news.
but any way, i do think Messenger is the best in the world!!!
^_^ Very Happy
Has anybody tried the new Windows Live Messenger.
It has a new interface and saya the future of msn messenger.

Goodbye MSN Messenger.

I will NOT miss you. The most crappy piece of software ever released!!

Get Google Talk.
Does everyone have to upgrade to the new Live MSN? or can we use the old one if the new one sucks?...
No idea. We'll have to wait for the WLM team to say something.
Now we all know that getting rid of MSN Messenger would be a mistake for Microsoft. MSN has millions of members. The majority of MSN Messenger users are teenagers, or younger people, such as myself. MSN became something that we rely on when our parents are using the phone. If they start charging to use Messenger, that could be good or bad. On one hand, since it has become a part of out lives, we might want to pay for it so we can keep using it. On the other, since the majority of it's users are teens, they might not have the money to pay for it. Now we know that all teens parents aren't doctors or anything. So most of it's users could be gone.

Who knows ... lol
I dont like MSN anyway, so it doesnt make any difference to me if it closes or another new version comes out.
I don't like msn either.
I remember when I was young (hrmmm...), we had only irc, and it was good. Then several new systems, far worse, appeared, and I think the worst of all is the closed msn.

Hopefully with something such as jabber, we need only one account, and with some gateways it"s possible with this one account to access other closed protocols (aim, msn, yahoo...)
Is it me or does Offline messaging sound really annoying?
thanks for the info
n0obie4life wrote:
Trash MSN Messenger in the bin.

7.5 for Windows XP or 7.0 for the rest will be the last version of MSN Messenger.

We will be welcoming a new Messaging System.

Windows Live Messenger

Crying or Very sad

How does it work. It should work better than yahoo messenger?
Yeah, to me the final product will be better than Y! messenger by 100 fold.Very Happy I have a good feeling that MSN is going to dominate the instant messaging areana.
MSN is so convenient.
it's great for quick chats.
Microsoft sent out invites for WLM Beta (

There was 2 mail sent (one which is an invite, one is a welcome message)

The first mail sent (which I received)

The invite (or the second) mail (from
(obviously replace hxxp with http!)

Well, I'm just hoping since I received the first, I'll receive the second soon. SOON.

Anyone here received Windows Live Messenger invites or the welcome mail?
well, n0obie, all i got to say is hope you get that second mail. but you did disappoint me when you didnt even take my fake invite. Sad i cried for a long time after that. T_T
i think its nto a replacement but a googletalk and skype in msn's clothing
MSN 8 was released as a beta but they changed it to 'live' because of their website ( The new features include video talk but not much diff from 7.5 There is a slight stability issue with it but if u dun like it there is a link to revert back to 7.5. On the whole the blue theme in msn has been replaced to orange and the window has a more translucent effect. It has been further optimised to work with broadband n windows vista. It has a new feature availible on vista which is to integrate with the side bar. Hope this helps
Yes it will be Live messenger.It has already arrived for WAP users using
MSN mobile services
I wasn’t sure if Windows Live Messenger had been leaked yet, but it looks like it has (technorati search) so I’ve come to join in the fun
MSN sucks, use gtalk in windows. But the best messenger of all time IS Kopete, in KDE linux. Nothing compares to the new versions of Kopete. If you don't already have linux, or kde, get it, you want it.
From the BETA feature list this looks like a huge program with a lot of improved features. I look forward to this.
Microsoft sent me two invitations to use their Live series of new products. I have been using their new Live Messenger, and think it's alright. Some things seem cool, but after using them, become plain annoying. The most obvious is when scrolling over names an expanded bar comes down that allows more options. However, unlike the msn versions of the program, you actually need to enter a conversation to find out the email of the person you are talking to. There is a place where you can write the first and last names of the contact, and information about them, but it isn't displayed anywhere! It would be sooo much better if that information replaced the nicknames, as it doesn't change. Also, that their current nickname be added after their name (as their status currently is), and their status be below in the dropdown menu following their email.

You can, however disable the expanded menu thing, but only to expand it permanently. There are very limited other 'features' added to the program. One includes sharing a folder, which only has limited usefulness, and wouldn't be useful for the average user.

I'll stick with my AdiumX on Mac
zomg. can you send me an invite >.> ?

People invited by microsoft can invite 5 people if I remembered correctly.
If u can invite ppl and still have invitations left please send one to me.

And n0ob if u get one remeber the promise.
I have been using chat applications since the days of text IRC and before GUIs. I've tried them all, but like Yahoo IM best simply because they have "chat room" sorted by language or cournty that you can go to and hang out.

I get to practice my foreing language skills as well as zero in on an specific, geographic region of the world to find out what's going on.

All of the other IMs can't offer that feature. The closest any one of them can come is to offer a "general meeting room" which is a bit like trying to start a conversation in Grand Central Station, New York City during rush hour.


Let's hope that Windows Live Messenger build in meeting rooms where you can meet the kind of peeps you like, rather than wading through hordes of people to find one that has similar cultural, linguistic and social interest.
Hey guys, I just got my invite for Windows Live Messenger today. I must say, I already love it, I mean you can send a person who is offline an instant message and when he comes online he will get it automatically as if you are talking to him. I tried it and it even works if you are sending to a person who has 7.5 messenger.

I am still waiting for my invites to come, which as I have asked people already say it takes usually one week. When I get them if anyone wants or I have spares please send me an email!!!

Oh and please include which email you want me to send you the invite to. Hopefully I will have enough, lol!!! If I don't sorry.
My firewall, McAfee, says that there's this spyware called MSN, I think that MSN Messenger is a little bit of spyware. Just to share with all of u!
I am now and official BETA tester of WLM now.Very Happy Noobie4life, I'll invite you as soon as I figure out how to. There is another way you can sign up for it. I sent details to your PM box. Wink
dan751 wrote:
I am now and official BETA tester of WLM now.Very Happy Noobie4life, I'll invite you as soon as I figure out how to. There is another way you can sign up for it. I sent details to your PM box. Wink

I'm already playing with WLM. I didn't have any invites, that's all Neutral.

You go to WLM, press "Help" (menu bar), send invites.
i`ll keep using MSN, too, becouse I like it, it`s simple, and powerful
For all the people who keep saying "ill keep using msn its the best nothing will beat it" well good luck because your going to be keeping it very much forever cause there moving on to windows live and most of you will probley move on anyways.

Also i heard that windows live was replacing msn all together so this could be a big move for microsoft .Also is this is true hotmail might take some changes and also about channel nine (only in austrailia im sure) is owned by microsoft and the pakers has the site ninemsn that might be changed.

So it could be a new revoloution for microsoft or it could just be a change of a simple messanger logo?
I have been using it for almost a month now Smile
Better than before, but I will still prefer yahoo anytimw.
I'm using Messenger *.0 Beta at the mo, and I think its great!

I love the new color scheme etc, but there are still some basic things that need improving.
Anyone has an invitation? Please send me.

I've got 2 words.....

Gaim Rocks!!
eh i got it and it takes up alot of system resources... either that or my computer just doesn't like it Very Happy

i can send a invitation to someone .... pm me Very Happy also frih$ never hurts Very Happy

(btw noobie i'll give u one if u process my webhosting request Very Happy Twisted Evil )
lawl, I already have one..just waiting for the .562 invite from them Sad.
n0obie4life wrote:
lawl, I already have one..just waiting for the .562 invite from them Sad.

aww.... Crying or Very sad well didn't hurt to try Wink
n0obie4life wrote:
lawl, I already have one..just waiting for the .562 invite from them Sad.
Yes, I want a invite for build 0.562 also.
Does being a microsoft partner get you the access to the beta's.
Because they are sending me all the released software, I just pay them so much a month and in return I get so much software as it comes out a month,
This means when Vista comes out I just sit back and it will arive at my door either at end of month or day of release. Along with all the other goodies.
I'll stick with Trillian for my IM needs.
I've got an invitation for Messenger Live a few weeks ago...
It's nice, but not such a big difference from 7.5...
At least nothing i've noticed...
BTW, anyone knows how often am I supposed to get invitations to give other people?
I only got 5 since I've joined, and nothing since then :{
I tried messenger live and i didn't like it at all. It's annoying and i switched back after a few days allready.
Maybe it whas because of that is whas a BETA version. But still, the improvements doesn't make it better than M7.5
Windows live had an update not so long ago.. changed their interface by quite a bit.. i prefer the older one.. i miss the black bar!!... Smile
Even I have a lot of invites left. Send me an email to get one Smile
Scotty Too Hotty
I persoanlly like it right now. I hope that it gets updated with Darker Color oprions though. All this light stuff gets annoying. I havent played around with any of the featuress in the Messenger, but the Live Mail is pretty cool. It reminds me of my Outlook web access for my exchange server email at work. I absolutly love that. Its very user frindly and even somewhat customizable, i think it will eventually replace the existing Outlook Express as it is very similar with alot of the same feature all built into a web app. Its great.
Scotty Too Hotty
i am running the 0566 BETA, and i do have some invites, if you would like one PM me and ill hook you up
The Only grief i have with WLM8 is that its way tooooo heavy. Sad

The best part is that it now supports Offline Messages Very Happy

Also why cant MSN/Yahoo! make messengers as lite as Google Talk. It wud be a very big boon to users with outdated pc (like me Razz)

This is what I have.

Tabbed Convos will be in the next BETA release
Yahoo and Microsoft over the protocol messaging is still underway..
The next BETA release will be a PUBLIC BETA release.
The next BETA release will feature new status icons (yes, no more Windows Messenger ones, those were a temp fix anyway).

edit - as of NOW. Microsoft has enabled WLM for every passport. Just get WLM and you can logon Smile.

How to

1. Sign into your Passport with the account you want enabled for the Windows Live Messenger Beta (eg. by logging into Hotmail). TIP: Use Internet Explorer. Firefox won't work.
2. Click here
3. Click Download now.

Have fun Smile
I have this, with the Proxy 13 crack.
Its a very nice program, but untill I get an invite i will continue to use 7.5 as it is a bit buggy at this stage.
I am a member of Windows LIVE messenger and as much I would like to get rid of it everyone still uses it. I prefere Gmail Chat as there is no need to install anything. I think that it would take years for WLM to become unpopular but it will happen with companys like Google releasing better products that contain less advertisments.
I am still hoping that MSN will turn back and make it expensive!

So everyone will use... Google Talk or ICQ! Razz

lol true. I too agree with that. Windows Live messenger really sucks. Infact they are confused themselves. First they introduced a very different interface but now the current one si lot similar to MSN Messenger. The most hateful thing about Windowls live messenger are the ads.
Yeah my girlfirend got something from hotmail about window live messenger 8.0 beta the other day and download it.

not sure what the fuss is about, just seems the same as 7.5.....

apart from you can change the colour of the skin and that it looks nicer.... Rolling Eyes
The only reason I use MSN, is because all my mates do... Mad

I just tried Windows Live Messenger after Microsoft accepted my request to join the beta program. Generally, I feel that the new version is quite nice and sleek in design. However, I decided to trash it and use MSN Messenger instead as it is still in beta. I will prolly upgrade only when it is out of beta. Also, I would disable sharing folders when I upgrade to it immediately, as I don't feel veri safe with it...
I like the new look and Offline Messaging. The main reason I keep it is that MSNM 7.5 really annoyed me...
i think it's better than MSN because i thing it will devolops faster than MSN...And now it doesn't needs an invitation you can get it:
Windows live messenger isn't at all better because i requested an evaluation from Microsoft the only other thing you can do on it is change the colour of the screen i say that everyone just downloads msgplus v7 this improves msn messenger 7.5 vastly and enable features like grouping all of you chats together.
I don't use Messenger 8 or Live messenger. I use Messenger 7. I have Live Messenger, but being still in beta, I find it's still way too buggy for regular use. As well, none of my friends can use it then, because it can only be used be email adresses that have beta privaleges.
Looks the same to me (more or less). I've grown tired of using MSN7 and have had some good experiences with Trillian and aMSN. Hope Windows Live can bring something better to the IM scene.

BTW I stumbled upon Hardik Shah's blog - seems he has some Windows Live Messenger Invites - so go get one if you like...

Oh - and offline messaging... Thanks @ the folks at MSN!
WLM is good Very Happy i just downloaded the new version.
has a lot of bugs but some bugs seem to be gone Very Happy
Well ..since Google talk has been integrated to GMail. Many of my frnds actually started using Google talk as they use GMail all the time Smile and so now I use Live Messenger lesser and lesser.. WLM really sucks
Well as for that version of MSN, i havn't used it yet. Although i've seen screenshots and all the rest of it. Looks interesting. As it happens, i'm about to download Windows Live. See what it's like. To be honest though, doesn't matter what version i have. Just as long as it works Very Happy
WLM 8 is pretty good, looks futuristic and sounds are nice =)

Make sure you get invited before you download or Microsoft might track you and sue you. (One of my friend told me this, not sure if its true...)
I have it, BETA version. They have just upgraded it a lot from the first BETA as well. Offline Messenging by far one of the most useful features as are timestamps, it looks awesome to. If anyone needs an invite just PM me Smile

I really like the newest version of Live messenger as well. Thought the 1st beta was horrible, but after a few updates, it's pretty decent now, very few bugs that I can see. I don't see how people can even compare google talk to live talk looks like it belongs in windows 3.11
MSN8 Freaking rocks if anyone wants an invite to it pm me I have 2 left, first come first serve!
I'd love to dl but im running on os ME so i don't think its worth it.
n0obie4life wrote:
Trash MSN Messenger in the bin.

7.5 for Windows XP or 7.0 for the rest will be the last version of MSN Messenger.

We will be welcoming a new Messaging System.

Windows Live Messenger

Crying or Very sad

Thanks for the link.
actually i had about 2 live messenger invitations left. Those interested can pm me for it. Wink
n0obie4life wrote:
MSN Messenger 8.0 or Windows Live Messenger

Neither: GAIM all the way!
i think i still use msn messenger Very Happy Very Happy
Don't forget, with the new version of Messenger, you're supposed to see people on Yahoo! Messenger too, and they are supposed to see people using MSN. So for people who use both (like me, because some family only use Yahoo), that feature will be very welcome. It's Microsoft's and Yahoo's way of catching up with AIM and staying far ahead of GoogleTalk.

I remember when ICQ was THE IM client, then all of a sudden no one was on it anymore. That "Uh-Oh!" did get annoying after a while Razz
Really? I've been beta testin MSN 8.0 for quite a while now, and havent seen that feature yet.
Catch up to AIM? Umm the US is the only country in the world that has any amount of AIM users, the rest of the world is smart enough to stay away from anything AOL Wink
I use trillian 3.1 PRO and it is a lot better than both. It takes only 10mb memory when memory usage of MSN increase up to 100mb. It also block all winks and shaking windows. Tabs are really handy too, especially when you are chating with more persons so you don't have to search a person you want to chat with. I really love and recommend it to everyone!
OMG!! the new msn is rubbish! the layout is bad, its full of bugs and the only new feature is you can set your status to offline and still talk
well this post interested me in it, so if any of you (like me) want to try out the new live messenger, the beta can LEGALLY downloaded here:



it just finished downloading, and it looks nice!

Stubru Freak
I requested an invitation from Microsoft and got one.
Probably because I'm from Belgium. Well, Microsoft, news flash:
60% of Belgium speaks Dutch.
So they can send it to all of Belgium in English, or let us choose our language.
hello all,

there are a few features i rly like about live 8. first offline messaging which is rly uselful in those times when you are frustrated because someone just got offline. Now i also like the fact that your nickname doesnt appear everytime. what i mean, for those who dont have live

old msn

henry (12:00:00) says:
henry (12:00:02) says:
bla again
henry (12:10:54) says:
get msn live now

new msn

henry (12:10:54) says:
bla again
get msn live now

so yea that's a pretty awesome feature. also to note improved "what i'm listening to" feature, more compability. you should rly try it out and give it a shot.

(First post, yay!)

I have Windows live, for about a month now, after using msn for about 3 years.
Must say, I quite like Live. In my opinon it looks nicer, and has schemes which could suit anyone.
The offline messaging has been something msn has needed for a while, quick and easier than emailing them when they're offline.
Live kiks butt. the new look is so cool esp the part where you can change its color and the shadings at the top of the bud list thing adapts to it. the old change color thing looked like crap. this one is so cool. so goodbye butterfly welcome lil green man!
Live messenger (beta)
raph76 wrote:
Live messenger (beta)
where do you get that betta i didnt see it ?
raph76 wrote:
Live messenger (beta)

Windows Live Messenger has been officially out of beta testing. Chck out the official release at
MSN Messenger? What is it?
For the dutch people:

Go to and sign up. Then u get Live Messenger 8.0.

Greetings, Jesper
jesper wrote:
For the dutch people:

Go to and sign up. Then u get Live Messenger 8.0.

Greetings, Jesper

need to sign up? i thot that was during the beta stage, when onli certain users can download. now i tink u can juz download straight from the main page, since it is official release.
i dunno what the difference is except the looks and small other features but nothing big does anyone know what has changed greatly ?????
??? lads/girls if u dunno where to get these things or anything there is the best place to look (google) it will find anything .... but to get live messenger go to microsofts website or lives website ok...
imo it uses way too much cpu for an instant messenger
That would be really nice if user of the other version of msn could see our color name they see like [c=12323423] lol [/c]

its a little bit ugly
Seeing as there are so many truly MSN fans here, I was wondering if you could answer the following. I use MSN 7.5 with msg plus, but whenever I open outlook mail it opens the windows messenger version as well and creates a log in conflict. I solved that aspect but does this newer version overright the old windows messenger or am I still going to have this?
MSN 8 is nice..
but 7.5 the best..
Windows Live Messenger becomes much more useful with the powerful addon by Patchou, Messenger Live Plus!
i canot invite my friend with Windows Live Messenger.

too bad software
kaokae wrote:
i canot invite my friend with Windows Live Messenger.

too bad software

u can, why not? beside the field for finding a contact, there is an icon with a green man and a plus... click on it and type in the IM address.
Is this just me?
Why are you so excited by this ?
P.S I've never used MSN messager, nor do I use Windows at all
I think Windows live messenger 8.0 is very nice, but i use MSN messenger 7.5 at the moment
bgbg wrote:
Is this just me?
Why are you so excited by this ?
P.S I've never used MSN messager, nor do I use Windows at all

lol. in our country, MSN or Windows Live Messenger is much more popular than other IM clients, or maybe, none of my friends using Yahoo Messenger or AOL. I think i'm sticking to windows live messenger too, coz there isn't realli much popular or good IM clients out there.
Does file sharing on Windows Live Messenger work for anyone?
yes it does work but often the files just fail so install their anti-virus and save it somewhere other than their folder and that solves it well did for me .......
orcaz wrote:
bgbg wrote:
Is this just me?
Why are you so excited by this ?
P.S I've never used MSN messager, nor do I use Windows at all

lol. in our country, MSN or Windows Live Messenger is much more popular than other IM clients, or maybe, none of my friends using Yahoo Messenger or AOL. I think i'm sticking to windows live messenger too, coz there isn't realli much popular or good IM clients out there.

I was kind of the same for a long time. Well, I was rather against the Microsoft stuff, but some time ago, my friend "forced me" to install MSN and I see on my eyes, that it is really a nice IM. File-transfer works perfectly well, GUI looks cool, multitude of features available - you can even draw. I am gradually changing my mind as to microsoft. The other thing I like from them is the .NET technology. C# and .NET rules and overmasters java, which for me is a failed endeavour.
I knew it was only a matter of time before the switch happened... I was able to get my hands on one of the very first beta builds of the program. It used to be that you could only sign in if your passport was on record and you had to be personally invited by a developer or become a beta tester to be able to sign in. I was part of neither group at the time, so I had to download the WLM 8.0 connectivity patch, which converts WLM 8.0 packets sent into what claims to be MSNM 7.5 traffic back to the Messenger Servers. I used that version for about a month until I could no longer sign in and I had to manually find an update. All this was required before the Windows Live project went "Live." After the betas were released, I was probably one of the first to opt-in to participating into the open-beta of WLM 8.0. I used that version for probably 3.5 months until the official first release of WLM 8.0 became available. Overall, I really love the new features WLM provides, but at heart, it is still very much the same as MSNM 7.5 with some enhancements such as Windows Live Call Beta and a new, sleek & crisp GUI (Which is very intuitive and attractive, by the way). Overall, WLM 8.0 is a MUST for ANY High-School Student or College Student with friends. I also admit that I use Skype for all my voice conversations, especially since those wonderful folks over there decided to give us FREE U.S. & CANADA DOMESTIC CALLS to HOME AND CELLULAR TELEPHONES (LANDLINES) UNTIL THE END OF 2006! Very Happy I use a combination of Skype for family and WLM for friends, and I have saved tons of $$$ on my cell phone bill while travelling! This only gets better when you realize that almost EVERY hotel you will stay at has some form of high-speed internet... I haven't been in any hotel in ALL of my travels this year that I havent had access to high-speed. Also, addressing the claims of WLM or MSNM being spyware, that is absolutely bogus. Think about it for a minute. Why would Microsoft want to use MSNM or WLM to spy on you. Chances are, according to the OS section of the forums here at frihost, You are using a windows-based computer to read my post. Tell me why MS would use an IM program to spy on you when they could use the windows os itself?!?!? Personally, I have more faith in MS than that, and even if you do have to pay for their products, its worth it, and I trust my personal information with them... Why would Bill Gates need to use a keylogger or spyware to obtain your credit card information to take your money? A $10,000 credit line is nothing compared to the wealth he has, so why try to even bother? The snot he loses when he sneezes would be worth more money than that! Wink

I'll Always use MSN, Day in and Out.
Soon msn will merge with Yahoo, and hopefully G-mail, making video and voice call available to everyone around the world.
All My relative around the world have msn or yahoo, now i can call them free of charge.
Skype is good, but it's not as simple as msn.

Long Live Msn Messenger!

If anyone hears that MSN PLUS ( is finally compatible with windows live. P.M Me!
moejoe wrote:
I'll Always use MSN, Day in and Out.
Soon msn will merge with Yahoo, and hopefully G-mail, making video and voice call available to everyone around the world.
All My relative around the world have msn or yahoo, now i can call them free of charge.
Skype is good, but it's not as simple as msn.

Long Live Msn Messenger!

If anyone hears that MSN PLUS ( is finally compatible with windows live. P.M Me!

lol... it is long out alr... it is located at
the new windows live seems to have a few of the functions that i enjoyed so much with the messenger plus.. so thats a steup up for msn. I do think live is quite good, especially after some of the beta releases being quite dissapointing.
MSN 8.0 is better then before version.
im using gaim which supports the msn protocol and is free, open-source, cross-platform, lightweight, and supports tabbed chatting.
I know that there will be ads for the free version. Is that true? Question
Why you live us, butterfly? I don't like Live Messenger. I can't use it and I don't will use it at all. I say "Bye-bye!" for Windows and move to the Ubuntu.
I use skype and MSN, I like skype the best, but have to keep MSN on my computer so that people who only use msn can keep in touch. It's taking a long time to get all my contacts to change over to skype, I don't know why.
WLM 8.0 is very good nice design Laughing
I like Windows Live Messeenger better. it has coolies graphics.
Windows Live Messenger is pretty good IMO. I mean, you can message people while they are offline. It looks pretty cool. I'm happy to use it.
I use the New Live version
No problems
Looks great
I love it

Only pain is the adding new contacts which is a bit washy compared to previous releases...

Oh and they got rid of the paint-instead-of-type bit, which I loved on previous versions... that blows
Windows live is microsoft's attempt to win this online space. The truth is microsoft has 100million more users than google. Due to microsoft's low revenue per user, it lags heavily in profits.
I use windows live messenger... it's great

I have stopped using MSN long whats all this stuff about Windows Live Messenger.
Is it a new version of MSN or is it totally independent from MSN?
Anyways as i have stopped using MSN long ago i donno how much this Windows Live Messenger will interest me.
But let me just try it after it is released and then lets see.....
I think msnM/WLM is microsofts attempt to compete with mac's iweb, iwork and all that. EG. since apple brought out .MAC (the online mac community thing) windows has been trying to maintain this "Windows live"
wich is a copy of .MAC in ALL WAYS! Mad
but the worst copy i think is going to be with "Windows Vista" already i have heard of things like "GADGETS" wich are exaclty the same as macs great WIDGETS. and also the talk of MODERATOR or SYSTEMATOR or something wich is pretty much the same as DASHBOARD!
Windows is really GREAT in it's own ways like gameplay and developer tools!
The time has changed! Already many lead programs have switched to mac like Adobe and Macromedia, even microsoft themself had a go withhalo mac (total pice of $%^)
But any way you people make your own minds up!'s just a computer Laughing
i don't use Windows Live Messenger or msn Messenger
i prefer yahoo! Messenger
and paltalk Very Happy
I tried Trillian yestrerday and man it suks, it's too confusing! Evil or Very Mad

Windows live messenger
Advantage: More features, better and more improve graphics and such.
Disadvantage: We can't use [color=#000000]nick anymore. the add contact system is abit difficult to use.

Windows messenger 7.5 (rocks)
Advantage: Has most of the features needed.
Disadvantage: None.

To me, i would rather stick to msn 7.5 rather than live.
It's no change between MSN and Live!, only the name Confused

I don't understand why they change it...

I use it now...
Windows Messenger Live is the latest one instead of MSN Messenger. But still today windows messenger live is not supporting voice and video behind NAT. But i need it badly. How long we have to wait for full length support including NAT and firewall. Thanks in advance.
I choose.. Neither.

But should there come a time when Microsoft shuts every other OS and every product that is not Microsoft, then I will choose the latter - Windows Live Messenger. I, too, think that it is nothing more than the next version of MSN.
They don't seem any different, but that doesn't make a difference for me. I use Gaim now.
you should try trillian. It can connect with various IM services including msn, yahoo, icq ,gmail, aim and othersss!! Very Happy
not bad when it comes to cross platform communication but when you look at it closely it seriously is a jack of all trades, but master of none :/ Lacking in individual features, but it does do a good job of basic chatting tho.

live messenger is not a huge update, seriously. Its just some new eye candy and bla.
What about trillian Sad
Why won't MSN Messenger Live Remember my user settings and password?? Please help me!! Really annoying now after 2 months!! Crying or Very sad
The problem with MSN Messenger (Live or whatever version you use), is that you simply cant go without it because most ppl use it. Not because it is free, but mainly cuz it comes with windows, and most ppl arent aware that are alternatives OR if they are, they dont mind installing.

So, if you try to use other msg soft, perhaps Trillian (that allows you to connect to several msg networks), still sometimes ppl try to send you "special features" that only MSN has, and then your chat gets messy.

Unfortunately for me, the MSN has a bad habit of disconnect every few minutes. It started in 7.5 version. Its not net problem, because skype and others dont do this. This is really annoying.

IF I could choose only one messenger, I'll choose skype, because of better voice quality and instant connection.
Joker68 wrote:
The problem with MSN Messenger (Live or whatever version you use), is that you simply cant go without it because most ppl use it. Not because it is free, but mainly cuz it comes with windows, and most ppl arent aware that are alternatives OR if they are, they dont mind installing.

yea, i totally agree with this statement, it is the same mindset in people which caused Windows to be the dominant OS today.
I use the Windows Live Messenger, but i find ICQ is the best.
Until I read this post I didn't even know there was a difference. OMG!! Anyway, I downloaded Windows Live Messenger thinking it was MSN Messenger. Before I used Trillian as my msn supplement, but I decided to get the real thing, and I didn't even realize it was Windows Live instead of MSN...As I say, Windows (and google) is taking over the world!!!!
Msn messenger...
i didn't try windows live messenger but i m a Msn fan
i use it before, it's ok. So beautiful and it is easy to control it. All of my friends use this Intranet Messenger, some of them online all day-24 hours.
I love this IM very much because if i meet new friend, i must use this software.
I always use this IM software ( MSN Messenger 8 Or Windows Live Messenger ). I think all of you always use this to chat with your friends, me too. Also, it is free for anyone in the world. You can use and download it on many countries, like USA, UK, China, Hong Kong etc. It also make a web messenger for the people can not install the messenger. But it look also the old verison - 7. I support it, and soon can make more beautiful, useful and famous.
Is there an easy way to get hotmail to open in Firefox rather than IE from Messanger - i see Messenger Plus does this, but seems a bit of an overkill to install this just to use Firefo to open my e-mail, any reg hack or anything that will make Firefox open my hotmail e-mails from Messanger, or am i trying to put chalk and cheese together here? Rolling Eyes
I like to use MSN MESSENGER 7.5, but now all download only can download WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER 8.0 or 8.1_BETA. Two version i also tried, it like version 7.5 most. I want MICROSOFT give the people a choose to support which version people like most and the people can still use that version.
What? MSN? I am using Gaim, it is the best. You can use all of your accounts together, it supports Yahoo, MSN, ICQ....
But that's the difference when using an IM that integrates all the popular IM programs together. You don't have all the features that come with a single program in full. You only have the basic features.
i love windows live messenger. It has got vista appearance. The black skin is cool in it and i use it. It has also got feature of IM to online yahoo
I like msn, very useful. The new BETA version is working well i think, but one problem, which id like to ask for serious help with....:/
Just if this has happened to anyone else: My msn simply wont work. I can sign into it for about 1 minute, until i get a message saying that msn has to shut down because of "an error", which gives me the choice of sening an error report or not. This happened about a week ago. What i did was i used to just ignore it, and drag it out of sight. This actually worked, until a few days ago. Once the message appears, it shuts down msn about 30 seconds later, and there is nothing i can do about it. Has this happened to ANYONE else?

Just to say, i have tried uninstalling, redownloading and installing, but that didnt work. Iv tried getting rid of all files in synching folders, and have worked out that the message happens on ANY account i try and use. So its not just the one account, its the whole program. Also, i have tried reinstalling different versions, but still no luck. Iv even tried seeing if the cookies were responsible (remembering my address and password). A long shot, but still it did not work. So im putting this in the forum as a last hope Sad. If this is in the wrong place, sorry i didnt know where else to put it.

Thx for any help, greatly appreciated.
Regards, Nin
wutangdan wrote:
goodbye butterfly! hello a much better logo! there has been an e-mail going around about an msn messenger charge does anyone know if this is true?!? will it be imposed when windows live come out?

No, there is no charge, it's just a stupid chain mail letter.
I hate those.
Windows Live Messenger Rocks!

MSN messenger and Yahoo Messenger are becoming worse and worse

However, I prefer to avoid all the bloatware and use Gaim instead Smile If I am not on my PC, I use Meebo Smile
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