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PHP "worth it" question

Hey guys, managed to snag a quick log in.

During algebra II today, i started writing down some code for my new site. I remembered my friend telling me he was going to make a site involving people logging on. I believe i remember him telling me he could do this through PHP. I was looking at a tutorial a week or two ago, and it's not something i could learn in an hour like i did with HTMl Cool . Anyway, the new site is involving a FAQ section, which im going to upload FAQ's into. Im trying to make it a community based effort, in which people can join, become a member, and once a member, allow them to upload FAQ's to the site. Is this possible through PHP? Just asking before i go out and learn it.

Hopefully be back full time soon,
Yes it is possibile.
If you use php/mysql you can make a system divide into various level where for example: user that have level 0 is the master and have all the privileges, user that have level 1 that can read/upload the faq and unregistered user that haven't privileges.
Do you know the use of mysql? Is yes you resolve your problem easly Very Happy
If you search for a guide contact me, i'll search for you Very Happy
Making your own Content Management System with php, is certainly possible, but just takes a while to make it. But better start with learning the basics of php first, like includes and variables and also how mysl works.

Here is a good tutorial about it: .

Certainly take your time to learn it and don't try to rush things. It's not difficult, but it can get confusing if you try to get too fast.
Have you thought about an existing CMS? There are some really great ones out there. One suggestion would be post-nuke. Not only is it a great CMS, it can be auto-installed using fantastico in your cpanel.

For a basic FAQ check out FAQmasterFlex, aslo available in cpanel. I'm not so sure FAQMaster can handle multiple logins though. It's a static admin login config's in a php page.

Post-Nuke will allow you to grant specific permissions to specific users to perform specific tasks (specific, specific, specific... said it too many times). It's pretty cool and very user configurable.

......Im trying to make it a community based effort, in which people can join, become a member, and once a member, allow them to upload FAQ's to the site......

That's where a Wiki comes in handy. A 'Wiki' is like a website that anyone can edit. Most people that use Wikis set it so only registered members can edit the pages.

If you'd like to see an example of a Wiki, see Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, which anyone can edit. The software can be adapted to support anything. If you do decide to use a Wiki, you should try MediaWiki. It's the software that powers Wikipedia.

EDIT: I noticed I site I went to was using Faq-O-Matic. It could be what you're looking for. It's a FAQ script where multiple members can edit the FAQ's. You can set permissions and everything.
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