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Is there a similar HTML5 software for Adobe Flash CS?

I am currently looking for a HTML5 creator software similar to the concept of Adobe Flash Creative Suite (CS). I would like my content viewable on smartphones since Adobe discontinued Flash for mobile. At first, I didn't like HTML5 until I realized the potential of such a platform. Although HTML5 lacks a few features, it is less intensive so it would run more smoothly on mobile. This also means that HTML5 games can be played on mobile browsers. Flash content can also be converted to HTML5. Do you have any recommendations?
I couldn't easily find comparisons of other suites comparable to CS. I did find a site,, which seems fairly neutral, although CS tools are mentioned there a lot.

When I searched for html5, I got hits for adobe products, but there are others there too. If you have CS, I would suggest it can probably do most of what you want in html5 format. Here are some suggestive article titles for alternative tools:

MotionComposer Updated for Creating Flash and HTML5 Interactive Web Content
Hype Updated for Creating HTML5 Animation
Beta of MotionArtist Available for Comic and Graphic Novel Animation

It looks like most of these other tools were also around long before html5 and they too have recently been updated to the new standard.[/b]
Thank you for your help. Maybe there isn't such a software as of now but maybe in the near future it would come out. GameSalad is a HTML5 game creator although it doesn't exactly fit my expectations. HTML5 content such as games can be played on mobile which is why it is good. By the way, HTML5 can be played on iOS devices such as iPads, iPhones and iPods as well. By the way, I think that maybe it is better to wait for some time before such a software comes out.
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