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Monster blizzard will it the U.S.A on Friday

Monster blizzard will it the U.S.A on Friday.
Be prepared to what could be a historic blizzard.
Expected to arrive on Friday at the Northeast of the U.S.A the blizzard will be formed from
Two ferocious storm systems that are expected to converge across the Northeast on Friday.
And spawn nightmares for a large amount of residents at Northeast of the country.
The ferocious storm systems could dump as much as a foot of snow in New York and 3 feet in Boston.
Nearly 3000 flights were canceled in anticipation of the storm; Amtrak canceled many trips in the Northeast also.
The most severe weather is expected to hit Massachusetts between 2 and 5 p.m. on Friday.
Zaxacongrejo, thank you once again for posting this. Do you know how fast is the wind speed of the storm? How severe are these storms compared to Hurricane Sandy which struck the East Coast a few months ago? Will people need to be evacuated from their homes?
Weird climate over there. While we deal with earthquakes here the most, US is busy with storms and hurricanes most time of the year. Wishing everyone a quick recovery with minimal loss
Agreed. Storms like that are not ideal any where, but if it reaches the Big Apple and environs it has to be ten times worse for the economy. So short after the previous storm that they barely recovered from.
We do get storms a lot, fortunately I live in the middle of the country, so I don't have to worry about hurricanes, etc. We do sometimes have tornadoes, tho.

I really hope no one gets hurt in this storm, especially if there is a terrible blizzard in a place that has a large population.
We're faring well. There's about a foot of snow in Central Park, which is a mob scene of families and kiddies having fun!

N and NE of the city it's heavier.


Here in southern ontario, I've clocked in 20+ hours of shoveling! Hooray!

My city was one of the most affected, with 50 cm of snow
I saw a slideshow of snow photos from the US on BBC's website a day or two back....hope you all ride it out safely.
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