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Help me improve my company website

Dear friends,

Our company website has not been changed for a couple of years and I would like to improve it.
Could you guys have a look and tell me which aspects need urgent improvement?

Thank you very much!

Good morning.
On the first page You should start with a picture.

I think you need to hire a professional to completely redo the Website. Particularly since your Website seems to be Government based. For starters some of the links don't work, and the loading time is much too long. If you like I could recommend someone who is REALLY very good and who comes with tons of integrity. The Website below is his and contains examples of his work as well. He is also a specialist in SEO meaning everything is focused on maximum accessibility to your site so you could get a good ranking, without sacrificing content or quality:

If you are interested to contact him directly, please PM me.
Do as @deanhills said.

If you want to do it on your own,then get good Template which fits your need.
And modify according to your need.
I think in home page
viewer of site can select English or your language...
bufekur wrote:
I think in home page
viewer of site can select English or your language...

It might be a good idea because it could bring more traffic to your website as well by making your site appear on English search terms in search engines such as Google. But that might take a long time to translate everything into English

My suggestion is to convert the Flash content into HTML5 because some mobile users would be unable to view the Flash content.
Thanks a lot to everyone who took the time to reply. We are currently redoing the whole website, wipping the slate clean.
I will post the new one as soon as we will put it online!
Thanks again to everyone!
If you really want to improve your company's site, then do proper promotion as well as marketing. Good marketing techniques through we can easily get good ranking in search engine.
I think you need a professional work.

1) The site template needs to be changed.

2) It should have a multilingual function because i can see mixture of English and other languages. i believe this company deal internationally and would want customer to easily access and understand the content of the website.

3) More pictures should be added. Pictures in a website is a means of branding and making the company look professional and attractive. pictures that represent what the company have to offer and make the site look professional... this works in hand with the template of the site.

4) the contact page should be right click, highlight, copy protected to prevent spammer or crawlers from getting your company emails and sending spam or fraudulent emails. the page could also use java to display the emails.... or better still put a contact us form where message with be automatically sent to your email.

All this and lots more which cant be looked into now.

You can contact me for more info.
Dear all, I have compeletely redone the website, and I hope the result is better. Could you guys have a look and tell me what you think about the new version?
Thanks for your time!
Just so that you guys don't need to go back up, our website address is:
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