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Help with PHP

Hi! I am starting to make a website using PHP, well, I want to use PHP, but I have no idea how it works, with all the 'databases' and MySql...

Well, I am going to make a site, and users can sign up and get points and everything. Does anyone here know any good tutorials, or something, I'm stuck!
Basically Databases are where all your Data is stored, passwords (encrypted using MD5 Prefferably or other method), Posts.. everything. PHP is a language in its own right and doesnt need Databases but its interactions with it make it heaps more.
This is a good place to read all about PHP commands
A good web host you can stick on your own machine to run PHP and SQL amongst other things for test purposes.
basically all php files must start and end like so:



asll you content here


you see?

for help writing programs ask on the forums at or ask about here or PM me im new to php but know quite a bit already
If you need a good PHP Editor freeware you can use
PHP Designer 2005 -

A good HTML WYSIWYG Editor freeware that manage also PHP scipts is
I urge, unless you are completely free, you test what your host supports, and print it out, or keep this webpage, usually people name it info.php and the code inside should be

If that doesn't work, your host most likely doesn't support php. You will need to see that information when building websites, I also highly reccomend, even though not required, that you learn how permissions work.
first you should try some simple tutorials on php, don`t go diving in the advanced stuff, read about variables, array`s, forms, conditional statements and looping statements. Then you must look at some good sessions tutorials so you can understand how to make a login script for your website. If you get confused at the tutorials, take a break, have a cigare and a cup of coffee and try again. You could use a CMS if you are too lazy to learn and do your own programming(like i am when i`m not doing a web site for work(i`m a php programmer so feel free to ask me any questions you may have)). CMS stands for Content Management Sistem. Practically all you have to do is add your content. I`ve posted here in the scripting part of the forum a link to a good place to find open source CMS`s. But you do have to respect the people that made the script and leave the copywright intact. I also suggest you learn first some html so you can understand better how to make a web page. Good luck at it!
there are a few easy things u cn do with PHP

for example includes which mean you only need to haev the sections of apage in once, e.g u cn put all you navbar in a file called nav.htm and then replace it wit the line:

<?php include("nav.htm") ?>

find they make it easier to add pages
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