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Mathematical education in your country

Hi everybody.
I am new here and I apologize for my English. I have tu practice more.

My question is, what level i mathematical education in yours countries?
Are you thinking that you need more math techer in school or there is enough of them.

What is the degreee of your knowledge of mathematics.

I have master degree in math, and I am just wondering do you need someone like me in your county.
For the record, I am from Croatia, soon a new country in EU.

I have undergrad maths which is mostly self-taught since college. I'm not a natural mathematician but I do enjoy playing with maths and I decided some years ago to improve my maths in order to be able to participate in physics and other science debates and discussions. I got Roger Penroses 'Road to Reality' and started to work through it. I still haven't finished it, but it got me beyond my previous level of elementary calculus and I now at least know what a tensor is Smile
Most people (I speak as a teacher/lecturer) are woeful in maths - many people are actually quite phobic and begin to turn-off if you even mention something to do with even elementary maths.
I am currently doing some contract teaching in a secondary school (England) - pretty rough school it has to be said - and even top-set year 11 pupils (15-16yrs old) are very poor in most cases and, worse, completely disinterested.
If you want to lern, on easy way, tray on this site:
It help me a lot.
You can start from begining and go on to the college degre.
It is realy great how is done.

My field is statistics and theory of probability.
You can learn that on khan academy.
And have test there.

try it and let me know your thoughts on this site.
I know the Khan academy well - I have previously recommended it to users. It is a fine resource.
Unfortunately, for something else to recommend all my books are on croat.
Or something on russion.
I'm in France and have a Ph-D in mathematics.
Great. And what is the demand in France for a mathematician?
Like Bikerman I am from the UK and have a background in Mathematics, I am sad to confirm that my experiences are much the same as his. Mathematics is a wonderful subject and in the UK there are many good places to read the subject at Degree level. What troubles me though is that academia\applicable skills for adults as a whole is suffering in this region.

The education state is in a mess partly due to the financial pressures put on University students and the lacking of good academics pursuing careers in teaching .... it really does make me sad Sad
I'm in Australia and I think Mathematics is very much valued here, although people also tend to shy away from it when they get confused/overwhelmed. While there are some good teachers around, there are also those who don't know how to break it down easy enough for students to grasp the concepts.
Hm, former jugos have a preatty good chance getting a job in Sweden, no matter what job. We are overcrowded in educated people, to get any kind of work you need university studies. So in Sweden you don't get out in the street looking for a work until you are about 25.

The math here are the same style as in the rest of the west world. I don't know so much about the east world, but I have watched some interesting documentaries about the east beeing better educating math tools to young kids. I think that is forgotten here. Here the fundamental viewpoints in teaching are altered quite often, too often...

Also the educating system is changing here rapidly, even the good teachers are beeing shut outdue to new rules in their schooling. Today the teachers need a badge for every teaching and well old teachers that soon reach retirement can't require a badge since their schooling is out of date Rolling Eyes

My role in math was in the 90's, I was a teacher for some years (ranked 2nd in a school - suppose that is one of the best grades I have ever gotten in my worklife) in math. I had some other classes too. One thing with teaching math is that you can't be wrong Smile you are caught instantly.

We have a school system called high school wich are parallel to the university here, so I studied math in both. I liked the university better, but that was based upon the fact that the system was better and teachers also had a better function. Why did I go 2 univerisity classes? Well, I wanted to switch work, got bored of the tech stuff and wanted to do economics.
In the United States math is also highly valued... maybe because it is statistically our weakest subject. The 2009 PISA results placed the United States 31st in maths (23rd for science and 17th for reading).

Regardless of the level of education, whether secondary or tertiary, math is really what you make of it. With so much knowledge available online through Khan Academy, YouTube Videos, and online references, learning math has become very accessible and is no longer confined to the four walls of a classroom.

The United States' low ranking in math is probably not attributed to the quality of education itself, but rather the vigor of students and their willingness to learn it. Most students sleep during math class or if they pay attention they tend to forget the information one week after a test. There's no incentive to actually learn math in the U.S., the goal is to simply achieve a good grade so that you can get into a good college.
In france mathematics is pretty poorly taught in secondary education, at a point where lots of students end up hating it ! Nothing is ever properly explained, no time is spent on checking that everyone in the class understood, therefore if a student misses some notion he might then never be able to catch up on it !
Salman Khan , the founder of Khan academy, is from India. In India, we have a rich heritage of mathematics and mathematicians. The concept of zero and geometry are believed to have originated from here. The human super computer Shokuntala devi who beat the super-computer in faster computation was also from India

In present day also, parents focus too much on mathematics for their children. So all of them has to study the subject atleast upto 10th standard. Most of the people are interested in science and engineering, so mathematics is everywhere.

I have done my Masters in Computer Science and Physics. Both of them involved lots of mathematics.

In our regular fish and vegetable market also, you will be amazed to see the so called illiterate people are calculating the complex prices within few seconds, faster than calculator ( considering the key in time of calculator). These people have never seen calculator in their life.
In my country we have good math teacher.I was satisfy with my teacher.he is very hard working teacher.
Well, in my area of California, the math curriculum wasn't too rigorous. I took calculus in my senior year of high school while those not in the honor tracks were in either trigonometry or algebra II. I forget the exact progression, but I think it was basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, algebra 2, and calculus. The majority of students at least learn basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. I'm not so sure on trigonometry.

In any case, after high school, I took calculus a second time in college. From there, you pretty much just go to advanced courses in math if you're pursuing that route. They still of course have the basic math courses in college as I did have to take a placement test when I entered. Depending on how well you do, they require you to have a certain level of mathematics in your curriculum. Since I scored the highest, I just jumped straight into calculus although I technically did not need to since I could have used my advanced placement test score as a substitute for the college credit.
Math education in my country is good but it deepens on the teacher.If you a good teacher,automatically you are good in math.
To be honest, I am not so good in Mathematics. But in my country the level of mathematics is so high, there are billions of genius which are masters in mathematics.

And its a very proud thing for me to say that the inventor of ZERO is from my country i.e. Aryabhata
THe highest level of math that we learn through the required schooling through high school is advanced algebra. We don't learn calculus until the college level, and that's only dependent on the major you want to do. Of course, folks who want to major in the arts don't have to do a whole lot of math including calculus. They do take other courses but don't need math. And of course, most if not all of science classes need to take some form of calculus or another to be able to demonstrate that they can do some basic math and college level math. It's really important for critical thinking, although I don't know how useful calculus was in my real life and work life after college. Makes you think whether or not we need math really to learn and use in our professional lives after college and schooling.
Best mathe study
for kids
is learning chess.
What do You think about chess?
loveandormoney wrote:
Best mathe study
for kids
is learning chess.
What do You think about chess?

I think chess is a great thing for kids to learn. It will help them develop reasoning and analysis skills that will be helpful in almost any field they pursue. I'm not so sure how well it will specifically help them with math skills though.

Chess could help students learn to represent things symbolically, thus helping them to understand algebra. There could also be some slight benefit in understanding geometric relationships. I don't see chess as helping at all with trigonometry, calculus, or linear algebra though.
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