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Star Trek Voyager!

Hey guys! Okay, this is my geeky love, but Star Trek Voyager is AMAZING. Any other fans? I'm so sad this show ended! I loved it! I'm now collecting all the DVD's. This show is what made me love space. Janeway is my girl! <3 <3 Erin
I have enjoyed all the Star Trek television series. I am sad to hear "Enterprise" has been terminated prematurely. I have not been able to see it c"onsistently. I'll wait for them in DVDs.

With respect to "Voyager": I especially enjoyed this series. The evolution, issues covered, and finale were excelent.
I'm a huge fan of Star Trek. I like all the series, but DS9 and Voyager are my favorites. They are both excellent, character driven shows. The only exception was Enterprise, I didn't like that one very much. I was however disappointed when they cancelled it. It's now very likely that there will be no more series. Crying or Very sad
wasn't there a plan to do a star trek academy series?
I heard that any new Star Trek series will be shelved for a while because of the disappointing ratings of Enterprise. Also there's so many sci-fi/supernatural shows on TV now that it's hard for a Star Trek series to rise above the din.

Now as for Voyager, I thought it was uneven, but then again, all the Star Trek series were uneven, even the Next Generation (remember the early seasons?).

But I can't say I liked the finale on Voyager (too self-involved with Janeway) or DS9 for that matter (too sappy).

Bring back the Dominion war. That rocked.
I thought the first few series of voyager were not good, I nearly gave up watching them, but as soon as 7 0f 9 and the borg appeared it got really interesting. Not just because of 7, maybe they got new writers in at that time, but previously it was fairly dull
voyager is the only star trek i ever liked, i saw every episode. I could count the number of episodes I've seen in ALL the other star treks combined on one hand.

I liked paris, he amused me, and the doctor was funny. I liked that the show rarely had to do with boring retarded 'protocols' and 'procedures' and crap. The storylines centered around wierd things entirely out of sync with any federation gunk, so they were free to get really really wierd and crazy.

i mean its likely all the same in the end, heh, but i dunno, voyager just clicked with me, while the other series' just annoyed me.

except Q. oh man, gotta love Q no matter what series' he's in! Very Happy
^ oh yes, i saw the episode with the two Qs today. . it's so much more lighthearted and humorous when he's there \(^.^)/

so yeah, voyager is awesome - and not just because it's the only one with a female captain, lol.

what's really nice about it though, is how idealistic it is. . there's always a strong moral or spiritual message with each show. and the crew are so nice, and polite to each other ^.^ and they are so compassionate, and good always prevails!

i wonder if any of the writers were infps.
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