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My work 2007-now (experimental electronica)

Hello, this is an appeal of sorts so I can understand if you skip over this...

I am currently between jobs and did some really horrible temping recently. I have about 2p in my bank account right now. It occured to me last year that there may be a point where my new releases aren't free anymore, just because of my own personal situation, it's never been about money but music does however take up a lot of my time however enjoyable music production always has been for me. So I have decided to set up a framework in which it would be easy to transition to non-free albums, in this case bandcamp.

I am currently uploading ALL my work from 2007 to bandcamp (couple more EPs to go) - I have, painfully at times, dug out all the original masters of the mp3 albums. What this means is this is the first time higher than 320kbps mp3 quality has been available. The best bit is that it's STILL FREE, I have uploaded all this to bandcamp so you can choose what you think an individual track, or an album is worth, if anything. You can download albums and tracks in full quality for free off my bandcamp page, but it is now very easy to support future work. Thanks for your time.
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