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use frames in forum

It would be nice, I think if there was a frame in the fourums (when looking at the actual posts) That way, you could always see the post reply button, the goto page links, and the forum links. It would make for less scrolling around to the top or bottom of the page.
That would be a hell to modify phpBB like that. But if Bondings would do this, he could us a div with the css-overflow set to scroll. This has the same effect as a frame.

But I would do that. I hate it that I could only see a limited number at a time. In a normal screen (1024 x 768), it's sometimes already hard to see 2 posts at a time (counting the user's sig).
And besides, if you want to avoid scrolling, this wouldn't be a solution. The difference will be that you scroll in a div/frame in case of in your whole browser-window.
So, I don't realy like the idea...

Pressing Home or End saves a lot of scrolling. Wink
No no no no no no no no... no no no no frames!
Ok ocalhoun, you have fun trying to edit it like that. Its not that easy. Your thinking that it is as easy as you said it, cuz ppl say that php is easy. php is easy, but not phpbb. phpbb is a program that lets you have a forum on your own site. and it is free, man stuff these days, there free. this host is free, and i cant beleive it. You get all that stuff and you dont have to pay a dime. Not even a penny. But i think it is great that they do all this for you for free. What i dont get, is the people that are complaining about the site, i say, just be happy with what they give you, because it is free. They could eaisly just say that you have to pay for it. But they dont, and that is what i like about them. If you have a problem with any of that, then you shouldnt be using there service. If you want to talk to me about it, the PM me, oe email me at Thank you for letting me waste 3 min and 42 sec. of your life that you could have been spending doing something else. But you chose to read my post. And that gives my joy Very Happy ........jk guys, im not all that fenimine. but thanks for reading my post anyway.
if you like forums with frames, then you should check out beehives. Wink
Think that is the forum which you are suggesting.

phpbb is frames would be quite ugly imho.
I'm not really a fan of frames. It probably would be possible to implement, though.
no frames - they are annoying for screenshots etc.
I'm against it too.

Frames make me puke. I normally see a site with frames, see them once, and forget about it. Having it on Frihost would be doomsday for me.
ya...... having frames in tis forum will make the forum look odd...... i surely against tis suggestion......
no! frames is a bad idea!
it would be incompatible for some resolusions/explorers.
Okay. This won't happen anyway.

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