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How about a be kind to a Tramp Day?

Are you familiar with the word Tramp or vagrant?
I'm not sure what you call them where you are but these are the individuals that sit on the pavement asking for money.
Have you ever walked past one of these and thought,
I wish I knew what he really wanted the money for?
Well be kind to Tramp day would include all kinds of activities.
Maybe you can think of some but maybe a small box of groceries?
Don't forget a tin opener, they won't have one.
chasbeen wrote:
Are you familiar with the word Tramp or vagrant?
Definitely. We had a fair share of them in Vancouver BC when I was still living there. We called them the homeless though. I think it is great to have a homeless day, although in Vancouver every day was more or less a homeless day with different voluntary organisations serving full square meals in the eastern side of the city.

To have a perfect celebration day would probably have to be presentation of cooked food or clothing, or maybe both. Another "gift" idea could be a brand new trolley specifically designed for the homeless. Or free medical services including dental for the day.

Here in the UAE I have not seen a homeless person yet.
With the social security system here there is not a real need to be homeless, at least permanently. There are plenty who choose to be homeless and sleep on the streets but usually because they want to spend their social security on alcohol instead of rent. If one could find a cure for alcoholism, by just popping a pill or something, that would be the best thing you could do for them. When you give them money here they just head into a bar and get another drink.

There is a homeless class who live in a popular but expensive area on the beach. The simply just can't afford rent on the social security so they live in their cars on the beach and use public wash room facilities.

Saw some good ones in San Francisco who were using the system to get money from tourists. One guy had a card board sign which said on one side, "need money for food.' When he turned it round on the other side it said, 'need money for booze'. At least he was honest. The next time we went past his sign said, 'need money for hooker'.
Unfortunately tis a pretty common thing in my country. Yes, third world country and all that. My family has a donation habit, we're always donating something. Sometimes people just knock on my door asking for food and we always have something to give. What makes me angry about it is the amount of taxes we pay (I'm not kidding, Brazil has ridiculously high taxes) and still the problem is far from being solved. I can't say if things are better than they used to be because I live in a rich city. People say Brazil is getting better and politicians now have more respect for the people.

So, back on the topic... A tramp day here would not work because it would be really crowded. Also in bigger cities we have a serious problem with drug addiction (being crack the worst). Right now what we need is a "let's fight the drugs!" day. Or else we're going to be in deep trouble during the international events that will take place in my country during the next years...
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