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Latin american history

Hi! i am a huge histioy fan of any kind. I was wondering if anybody is familiarized with Latin American history, specifically with the independence wars of the 18 hundreds

There is an specific and very famous event with very little information about though: the legendary meeting between Bolivar and San Martin, where Bolivar takes upon the independece "project" and leaves San Martin out of it, when he was the one who started and was the first person in command. Many stories have been told, there is a word around which states that the masons were behind the whole thing and did not like San Martin cause he wanted to let each country to be independent instead of creating one big one (all south america as one country)

anyway, any interesting facts on it, happy to hear!

First of all, I don't know San Martin, but I do know a little about Bolívar. I never knew there was a plan to unify South America. I'm glad they didn't even try to do it, because we don't even speak the same language! We're very different culturally and I don't think South America would work as one nation.

Tis difficult to know which Independence wars you're talking about too, since Bolívar was involved in a lot of wars. But I'll presume you're talking about the Guayaquil Conference, right?

Bolívar was in favor of forming a series of republics in the newly independent nations, whereas San Martín preferred the European system of rule and wanted to put monarchies in place. San Martín was also in favor of placing a European prince in power as King of Peru when it was to be liberated. The conference, consequently, was a failure, at least for San Martín.

Bolívar was a snake. While in public he talked about union an liberty, in his private letters he was in favor of a more... How can I put it? Despotic government. Also he speaks about the miscegenation and how we would "die in the middle of a war of colors". I'm not a big fan of him, as you can see. As a Brazilian, I didn't grow up in a country where Bolívar is considered a hero. To be fair, even the guys who were supposed to be our liberators are mocked so... I wish you could give me a different input about some of the South American leaders since you're from a different country. Smile
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