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I know there are a million places to buy games, but I almost always wait for any game to go down in price before I buy it. Here in the Central United States (Indiana), most PC and Xbox games come out at around $50.00 U.S. I don't know about the other systems, because I don't buy them!

I wonder how much do you pay for your games, and where do you get the best 'bargains'?


(please just talk about 'legal' options, as I do not do anything else.)
Here in the UK the RRP tends to be about 35-40 for new games. But if you go to dedicated games stores the price tends to be much less (at least 10 less if you shop around).

Of course the internet is great for buying cheaper games via mail-order.
I usally don't buy anything new. It's always used, and usally never a brand new game.('cause most new games suck)
Last two games I got was Chrono Cross and La Pucelle Tactics, and both were less that 15 bucks for me. Smile
i buy all my stuff on the internet. its cheaper =)

i buy games from england for about 29, at the most.
i buy games from canada for about $60 (canadian).

here in sweden the games cost about 500-600SEK, which sucks ass!
about 50 each for new games... I only spend 50 on games I REALLY REALLY REALLY want and don't see them dropping in price soon.
Monkeydog matters on the platform.
Now if you're talking brand new games(ones that were just released)
The prices for a PS2,XBOX,and GCN game can be $40~50.I also beileve this is the pricing of the PSP, correct me if I'm wrong.
The DS tends to be $30~40.
The GBA is usally only $30, but for some reason every Pokemon game has to fell better about itsself and be released 5 bucks more.
The PC is crazy and can be all over the place, as low a $20 and as high as $60. =/
I like buying games that are 1-2 years old on ebay. For example i have recently bought nhl 2004, x-beyond the frontier and anno 1503 for a total price of 5.50 (all genuine copies for the PC not fakes). Pretty much any game which is more than a year old you can get very cheap on ebay. I got pro evo 4 for 3 the other day too.
Here in holland they are 50-60.

And 1 = 1.20$

So 60 games are here 72$.

But if we buy outside Europe it's alot of cheaper when you buy expensive things but the sendcosts are high.
Here in the Pacific Northwest, I get new games for about $40-$50. Also, I have found some newer games as cheap as 30 bucks online just by searching pricegrabber.
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