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Risk to western citizens in Libya is rising.

The British, German and the Netherlands Embassy’s in Libya urged their citizens to leave Benghazi.
It looks like the risk to western citizens in the North African countries is rising.
After the recent military intervention in Mali against Islamic terrorists, Western citizens and facilities in these countries are now a potential targets to kidnappings, terrorist attacks and all the other bad things we are used to see at the national news.
Last week, in neighboring Algeria, terrorists took over a gas plant, taking hundreds hostage, as a act of revenge because of the French intervention on Mali.
37 civilians died during the operation conducted by Algerian Special Forces.
In your opinion should European countries just leave theses countries and forget about them?
Or instead should Europe Clean those countries, and then keep exploring natural resources and developing them?
Could be possible in the next 20 years to transform these countries in news “china”?
Commercially speaking?
Hahaha. Looks like after Kaddafi Libya wont be comfortable for a while. But again, we all care about our profits. Who cares ?
It is obvious the risk to foreigners is rising. It is important that all of then be prepared to evacuate immediately. Reporting to their embassy would be the first step.But why would they want to work or visit Libya in the first place?
twotrophy wrote:
But why would they want to work or visit Libya in the first place?
That is an excellent question. It feels almost like yesterday when all of the ex-pats were forced to evacuate Libya previously. Was that maybe 2 years ago? Why did they return?

Edit: Just found the date of the previous MASS evacuation - February 2011
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