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Where is Bikerman?

Okay, this needs to be asked --- where is Bikerman?

It's strange because he's always been a Frihost regular but for him to stop posting too abruptly... is just strange. His last post was in November 2012.

It also explains why the P&R forum is collecting dust.
I've been wondering that myself. I sent a PM to him a week or two ago because when you get a PM (or at least for me; maybe it is a setting) you also get an email telling you that you received a PM. I figured that possibly he'd see that email and then get back into the forum. He is a teacher so it could be that November and December is all about end of term finals and so he was busy preparing his students for the final exam and then during Christmas time/early January he went on a holiday but if that was the case he'd probably be back by now. Well I hope for the best and hopefully we will hear from him soon.
He hasn't tweeted since the 15th Nov either.

I assume something came up in real life,hopefully not a bad something.
Agreed Truespeed. Must be something really serious in real life for Bikerman to stop posting at Frihost. I've been wondering where he is as well. Hope he is OK.
Yes, hopefully he will be back soon. You do miss his sometimes obnoxious comments especially in regard to his very definite views on religion. But he does make the forum with those views and seems to enjoy his bad boy image.
I wish I could have an answer to this but I don't. But hopefully he will come back soon. Smile

Last thing he did on the open forum, he answered me actually in Indi's topic "value of being fake" Confused

It does not feel right. Whoever gets a message BACK.. please keep us informed !

Google search makes it easy to contact him,I wouldn't as I don't feel I know him that well,but for anyone who wants to the info is out there.
Yup this is a nice question to raise. Bikerman has disappeared for few months now and he was quiet active on philosophy and religion forum and it looks like that place is deserted without his input. I hope everything is well with him and I hope we will see him soon.
he was a good opponent atleast.

maybe he bought an apple cell phone instead Smile
Struck down by lightning perhaps? Laughing

Anyway hope he is alright
I hope he's OK. I've seen him so long on these forums that he seems a part of them.

I also just realized that I've been here since 2006 Shocked . But some of you have been here waaaay longer still.

Anyways, I hope Bikerman is fine and that he comes back soon. This place just ain't the same without him.
I am also missing him. He is quite knowledgeable person and I had some good debate and discussion session with him. Many of the forum member seemed angry ( Smile ) with him for his razor sharp logic and accuracy. Any discussion with him enlightened many in this forum.

He is not available in his blog also.

Hope everything is fine and we will soon be able to see him.
Thank goodness, he is back on Twitter (UKBikerman). I was quite worried when I first saw this topic even though I am not friends with him. I wonder what happened to him for the past few months. Can someone please contact him to find out if anything serious happened?
Thank-you for the kind thoughts and words.
I'm (now) fine and back on-line.
I have been quite ill since just before Christmas. I don't particularly want to go into details - it isn't a secret but I don't particularly want to talk about it in this forum - suffice it to say that I had a really bad episode of a condition I live with, and it banjaxed me pretty thoroughly. I am now over it, but it took me a while to get things back in order generally, before having sufficient time left-over to re-enter the social networks.

Hopefully I will now get back to something approaching the norm....

Once again, thanks for the concern, I appreciate it.

Good to hear you're okay. Welcome back. Smile
Welcome back Smile. It has been a very long time since I last saw you posting. I understand that you do not want to talk about it on Frihost. What are you planning to post now?
It's not that I don't want to talk about it - more than I don't want to spend most of my time posting on the matter. I am bipolar and I had an extremely bad 'depressive' episode. It isn't something I'm ashamed of, or that I've ever tried to hide, but it's not my first choice for a topic of conversation either...Smile
I'm so glad to see you back, you cannot imagine it. Welcome back, Mr Bikerman. Very Happy
Welcome back, hope it never happens again Smile
Welcome back Bikerman. Your posts might scare me sometimes (as they are very confronting to my beliefs) but I still like reading them Razz I got worried when I first started reading the thread.
Eeej Bikerman welcome back Very Happy

GuidanceReader wrote:
Welcome back Bikerman. Your posts might scare me sometimes (as they are very confronting to my beliefs) but I still like reading them Razz I got worried when I first started reading the thread.
One should never be scared to have one's beliefs challenged. It is only by challenging/testing such beliefs that we can find out if they are worth believing in Smile
Welcome back Bikerman! I was also getting pretty worried due to your sudden disappearance.
Welcome back, Bikerman! I am glad to hear you are feeling better. Also, good to see Sir Bondings!
Kittens and guinea pigs make everything better, more so if the cat is being chased by the guinea pig. I think I'm too new to know you, Bikerman, but I hope to see more of you around the forums and blogs!
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