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Who is the best freekick taker in world footbal?

whom do u think is the best set peace taker in the world football?David backham has been a legendery freekick taker.Ronaldinho,teh magician also dazzles people with his kicks...Pirlo ,cristiano ronaldo,and the little magician leo messi has been exellent in taking freekicks....whom do u thing tobe the best set peace taker ever?
I think this one is pretty close, but in the end David Beckham is simply amazing. He has given thousands of hours to perfecting his free kicks and it shows on the field.
One of the best is Andrea Pirlo.. it's a pity AC Milan let him fly to Juventus..
Ronaldo used to be the best. David Beckham is in a class of his own. At present, Leo Messi is probably the best at it (an example is is his superb kick against arch rivals Real Madrid in the el Clasico last year).
Lookup Juninho Pernambucano. IMO, he's up there along with Beckham, Pirlo and the likes. In his prime, he was probably the best. Ronaldinho and Cristiano Ronaldo were really good as well.
I think that David Beckham is just the king at his throne!
to be honest it' very tough to compare them- sure you can look at the number of goals they scored from free-kicks, but we have too see how many attempts they took to achieve that number...another thing is technique- for example cristiano ronaldo has developed very awkward shot if you are standing between the in terms of his technique he is one of the top free-kick takers at the moment, recently gareth bale has been showing some great skills and it seems he is trying to copy some moves from ronaldo, regarding messi- yeah he knows how to take them, but his free kicks are not spectacular, they are just good, imo even xavi & iniesta have similar if not better abilities in terms of free kick someone mentioned in this thred- juninho from lyon really was a ferocious free kick taker, he was blasting them in from amazing distance...really great one for the books
I think it is Ronaldo.
If you count players that recently retired, i'll say Juninho deserves to be in the list, with Pirlo, Messi and Ronaldo.
Certainly, David Beckham is a class apart. In his prime, he was the best. Cristiano Ronaldo is great, but I think he was far better at free kicks when he was at Manchester United. But his unusual stance makes any defence vulnerable when he charges to get the shot across.

Leonel Messi is another gem of a kick taker. Maybe not as good as Ronaldo in his prime, but he still is one of the best in the world. He has taken several important free kicks in the recent times for Barcelona, and has converted them into successes.

Now comes the legend. Andrea Pirlo. I don't say that he is the best, but his style and nerve are just flawless. He is always like a calm ocean, especially when it comes to taking set pieces, and that reflects in the number of goals that he has assisted through his free kicks and corner kicks. When in form, he's probably the best of the lot, and has the potential to beat any goalkeeper in the world.
YaYa Toure,3 out of 4 this season. 75% success rate.
Nolberto Solano, hes peruvian, look him up.
Juninho is widely considered the best free kick taker in the world. He had spent the majority of his career in France, playing for Olympique Lyon.

The range with some of his free kicks is insane and technically he also brought a lot to the table. He is 38 years old right now and plays for Vasco da Gama.

Far from his top form, but then Vasco aren't either - they're one of the most important Brazilian teams and are sitting in the relegation zone right now.
Pele is the best now and forever. Smile
mikatutorial Laughing
David Beckham. ........
There is no any doubt that David Bechkam is one of the world's best freekicker.
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