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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This has definately become one of my favourite films ever. It starts off making you think "oh god another rom-com". But then the trippyness begins. It's quite the ******. Especially if you try and watch it stoned.

So discuss the ****** awesomeness of this movie!
Raven The Dark Angel
Ahh oh my god I loved this movie too! It's so greatly exicuted! The whole trying to get away from destiny only for you to fall right back into it and the way they started to mix things up really reflects the way the human mind's memory works.

They just didn't stop there and kept on going with that guy trying to steal his identity and everything. The struggle and the truth revealed here is brilliant!

I think a lot of people want to try and forget the past but this movie really shows how important it is to keep those memories so you don't make the same mistakes again and to move on... mourn properly and understand that yes things happen for a reson or else they wouldn't have happened at all. Very Happy

Man... I feel like watching it all over again.
I agree that this film echoes after you see it. The idea, its execution and the acting of Kate Winslett and Jim Carey were great.
the best movie ever!!! The best part is that is different from all others. Its not like all hollywood movies. It makes you think it really does and not a lot of movies does that!!
Yes one thing I like about the movie is it makes you think and try to figure out what's really going on because they switch back and forth and you can get lost. Its a complex movie. Well not complex anymore since you solved it. It was sort of weird seeing Jim Carrey act out of happy laughy movie types.
Quite a sad film, but really one of these surprising roles by Jim Carrey..for those who don't believe in comedians playing more serious roles. There are a few serious characters he has also depicted. Also love the music in this one. And yes, basically love this film, since it's Gondry's work.
The first half of the movie feels really boring, but then it starts ascending. Initially, you don't know what in the world is going on, and then slowly, very slowly they start revealing the main facts. I love plots like that. This is one of my favourite movies.
Whenever I think about some parts of the movie I easily get worked up emotionally. Through the movie I was introduced to the "Night and Day" song by the Polyphonic Spree. Loved it so much that I still listen to their other songs.

The other music video
Hey hey hey:)) so nice to see so many comments about such a great movie!
Another amazing moment from the film

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