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old is good

I think most of the men have an idea that 'old is always good'. do you agree with that?
Sudipbanerjaa wrote:
I think most of the men have an idea that 'old is always good. "do you agree with that?

I might not understand your query correctly, but these ideas were awakened in me after I read your question:

The opposite question would be something like this: "new is always good."

And the answer to this question would be 'not really'.

Take, for example, a new version of any operating system. It is owned by faults that will be corrected in the future.
I am using Windows XP on my computer even though it is already an 'old' version of the operating system.
But it works well. Errors that were in it in the past are corrected.

So in this example I used "old is good".
Do you mean the tendency to lean towards conservative thought?

I'd say it's really hard to generalize. I know people who cling to old values like a drowning man clings to a life raft. I also know people who completely disregard the old values, even if they would be beneficial, and choose new ones, whatever they are.

Then of course are the people who chose things based on their merits and benefits and don't really care if they're old or new.

I think the last approach is the best.
I don't think you can generalize it. There is no one definite answer to it. Old is gold, yes, but not always. It is true in some situations. For example, most fountain pens write better as they are used more and more. However, there is a limit to that as well.

So, of course, one can never really say that "Old stuff is ALWAYS better than new stuff" or the opposite if even the slightest bit of logical analysis ls involved. It just depends on the situation at hand. I guess what I said was pretty obvious, but well, an obvious question begs and obvious answer.
let me extract from generalization:
old computers suck while new computers rock
some old computer games rock while some new computer games suck

not always what is old is bad and not always new things are good Razz
Most of the men? What about the women, do they think differently? I feel like some things are better old, some things are better new. It just depends on what you are referring too. You were a little vague to say the least.
I agree with coolclay in that I don't really see much of a difference between men and women in this regard. In a political context, I can see why women would be less inclined to vote conservative (as conservative parties tend to be more negative toward women) but I don't quite see that as women being less conservative overall (I also don't have any data to suggest whether that assumption is true to begin with).
What about people. Most cultures don't think old people are good and lock them away in an institution to die and the sooner the better so they can get the inheritance. However, there are still some cultures that respect their old people and keep them at home and look after them as they grow old. They respect the wisdom of old age and tolerate some of the grumpy old men antics that come with it. The body usually starts to break down with old age so many old people live with constant pain and discomfort and can get grumpy because it it. Old people have experienced lots of life and can be a source of much teaching for children. Cultures that respect this seem to be richer for it.
Old is good - your mind needs to accept things and it takes time.
no news are good news! " we don't change a winning team" - 2 phrases of the same idea!
Sometimes something old is good for us and have very high in value.
Sometimes something old is not good and many people hate it very much.
the best about good is nostalgia. I just love nostalgia things and lifestyle.!
Old is good and experience counts substantially. The youngsters generally think that they know everything and there is no place for the old in their universe.
in most of the cases old is gold.but it is not always.take a example as technology.high technoology is far better than old its depend.
In computer network, this is known as WINE principle ( The reverse one is known as MILK principle) Very Happy

However a good society should have a proper mixture of both. Science usually favor the new while Archeologists and historians usually prefer old. The culture of a balanced society should have the proper blending between these two.
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